I am 20 years old and recently had a micro preemie. My whole pregnancy was very healthy, I never had any complications. At exactly 24 weeks my water broke at 2:00 a.m waking my husband and I up. My son was born 16 weeks early.. He is now in the NICU. I never imagined or considered that I wasn’t going to make it full term. God had other plans. My son is stable and fighting. He was born at 1.65 lbs and 12” long. We’ve had a few ups and downs these past 13 days. The first few days were unbearable. Thankfully there are many parents who share their beautiful stories of their preemies and the rollercoaster journey they went through; that put my mind a bit more at ease. I still worry so much and miss my son deeply. I wish I could be with him every second of the day. I really miss his kicks... I feel empty. I am still trying to understand everything, but it is so hard. Staying positive is difficult, I get very overwhelmed. I have put my faith in God and am just looking for a little support from parents that have already gone through this or are going through this. Any advice is appreciated.

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  • Hi , welcome to Share. I hope you find support and comfort here like so many other families have. We are here for you and will hold your hand through this journey! Just take it one hour, one day at a time. I hope you keep us updated on your son's progress and hope he comes home soon! Sending you lots of love and well wishes... You've got this! I hope today is a good day :)

    If you have any questions about the NICU or need additional resources, we also have our My NICU Baby App (free to download) that will provide you with answers and guidance. You can find out more here: www.mynicubaby.org.