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Hi my name is Vanessa and I had a neo natal baby death 2 weeks ago. I don't know what happened other than everything was perfectly fine so the doctors said all the way through my pregnancy. At 34 weeks I went into labor and had a scheduled c section on April 21 2019. They couldn't stop my labor and I was having contractions for 20 hours. I started bleeding very heavy and they said my placenta was separating but they kept me in labor another 10 hours. They gave me the steroid shot to help with my daughter Nevaeh's lungs. She was born through c section and they report said her umbilical cord was short and there was blood in my amino fluid she lived 7 hours. I was told she has stiff joints and wasn't moving they broke her arm and ribs trying to pump her heart. I claimed for months I never felt her move and the doctors said it was a anterior placenta and just dismissed it. I don't know how to go on but my husband and 2 children I have are keeping me strong.

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    I am so sorry to hear your story. What was his name? It is nice to hear we are not alone but it's the most awful thing in the world. I had to go say goodbye to my beautiful daughter last Tues..we decided to cremate and I am going to have her ashes tattooed on my body so she will forever be there with me.
  • Hi Vanessa. Im really sorry for the loss of your little one. sending you much love and hugs. It is almost 4 weeks now today since i lost my baby boy. I had low amniotic fluid through my pregnancy and he was born prematurely via an emergency c section. It brings tears to my eyes hearing your story, but i feel comfort knowing i am not alone in going through this ordeal.