Introducing myself/Breastfeeding


I am not sure why today I have chosen to come to this site and post, but today I find myself here.


I am the mom of a micro preemie twins (separate birth dates Sept and October 2005)

Kay was born at 21 weeks and passed away in 2005

Melisa was born at 25 weeks and is now a 13 year old teenager


My journey is probably the same as many of you.   I found myself having twin via IVF but never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have premature girls.  One passing and one surviving.  We were probably blessed more than others as our NICU time was short only 72 days.  She came home at 3Lbs.. She is  just a little fighter born at 1lb 7oz she refused to be intubated fought them hard so they gave up.  She did however have to be on a cpap, hence the reason why she was not gaining weight.. 

Over the years we have had very little ups and downs she developed ROP stage 3 early, at some point she get cerebral palsy in one leg and struggled with learning delayed issues.

Today at 13 years old she is in 8th grade about to go into the scary high school years.  She plays in the band and competitive volleyball.  She has a boyfriend.. YIKES that's an adventure in its self and basically I guess just a normal teenager.

Somewhere right around the 1 year mark I did become a Volunteer for March of Dimes (my local Chapter) and was trained to go into the NICU and talk with other parents. It was very full filling but then the life happens and my time available to volunteer grew smaller.  My daughter for the first 5 years was one of the top youth walkers in our state and in the top 25 in the nation.


What I do want to share is the importance of breast feeding.  Even with the loss of one of my twins I was able pull myself together and breast feed.
I breast feed my daughter till she was 18 months old.  Not an accomplishment in its self many women BF until 2 or 3.  However, you see my child never ever learned to latch on. She 100% refused!  Yet she is 100% breast feed.  I pumped for 18 whole months..  I treated my pump like it was my child.  I got up every 3 hours in the beginning and pumped to keep my supply coming.  All of this while I was holding a full time job. 

Breast feeding via pumping is even harder than normal BF.  First you have to get out of bed prepare your pump, pump out the milk, clean your pump then feed your baby and then go back to bed, repeat and rinse then get up at 6am to get ready for 1 hour of traffic work an 8 hour day 1 hour traffic home and start the process all of over again.  I forgot to add I had to pump at work and this was 13 years ago so no special rooms, my special room was the bathroom at work.

I know this doesn't sound so special and everyone has their own values and issues but breast feeding our premature or fragilely ill children really is the best thing we can do for them.  I too would run low on milk I would take the mother tea and all the other things they tell you to do to increase milk supply I had to my baby was depending on me.