Nicu mommy times 2

Hello everyone my name is Octavia

I am currently a nicu mommy at children’s hospital My pregnancy was high risked the entire time because I have a history of delivering my children premature. 10 years ago I delivered my first daughter ZARIA AT 27weeks weighing 1lb14oz. When I was 17weeks pregnant with Zaria I woke up in a pool of blood doctors say I was threatening a miscarriage. The day I delivered Zaria I was already 9cm dialated when I arrived at the hospital so there was no stopping my labor. Zaria stayed in the nicu for 3 months getting stronger and recovering from a surgery to close her PDA. I was so scared and uneducated about having a premature baby I said I would never have any more kids. Last year after 9years I found out I was pregnant my OB ordered me to come in every week to take an injection to prevent my cervix from opening and having another premature baby. We were doing so good at 30 weeks I was put on bedrest and a 31 weeks my contraction started. Omg I was so scared I stayed in the hospital for 3 days trying to prevent having another premature baby, on March 10th my water broke and I delivered my daughter 9 weeks early. I was scared but amazed Zyah CAme out 3lbs14oz and  breathing on her own. At 3 days old she was up on her feeds and taking her bottle with no problem. At 4 days old Zyah started getting really fussy dr did X-rays and found out she was very sick. Zyah was rushed into surgery at 4 days old for an infection in her intestines. We were told she might be to small & weak  to make it through the surgery. After her surgery dr discovered she also had an open PDA & a level one brain bleed. At that moment I put my entire life & trust into GOD & the nicu team at children’s!!!! Today Zyah is 6weeks old off oxygen, medications, PDA closed with no surgery needed, NO SIGN OF HER BRAIN BLEED & is preparing to go home!