My baby Shyleen, please pray for her

My daughter was born at 28 weeks, we are in NICU for 52 days and it seems it will not finish. She had several issues in first and second days and it cause bleeding in her brain. Doctor told bleeding is in stage3 and she needs to have surgery to put rezervar on her brain. She did great after surgary and everythings seems good. .she is now 36 weeks but she can not feed with bottle, doctor told me she had problem with sweling and she may have disability.I can not believe it, I am really tired from what doctors told me about her problems. For me she is healthy, is there anyone with same experiance ?please pray for my angle .

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  • Congratulations on the birth of your daughter Shyleen. I'm so sorry that you are struggling with the time in the NICU. It can be so stressful to watch and wait for all of the answers to come. My son had a brain bleed as well, but we did not need a surgery. Each of our kiddos are so different in their journeys. Keep up your spirits and hopes for your daughter. My son had many struggles with feeding and we fought every day to keep him gaining weight. It sounds like you are being an amazing advocate for your sweet girl. She may have struggles in life, but you keep pushing to get her what she needs and she will amaze you. Good luck momma.
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    I can't imagine how hard it is to not knowing. But please if anything else know you are not alone. I hope you will consider starting a blog and updating us when you hear or know more. I will continue to pray for your sweet little Shyleen.
    Hugs to you and your sweet girl from Florida!

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    Thanks Samantha, it is very hard journey sometime i think I can not stand for it any more. Doctors say she may have disability due to brain surgry but i can not believe it.I am trying to stay positive but some times it is hard. Please pray for her.
  • Welcome to Share! I'm so sorry that you struggling through a NICU journey as no mother should have to travel down this rocky road. Although I have not had this experience in my NICU journey I want you to know its okay to ask question and better understanding of what the Dr is saying and you can ask for a second opinion. Sometime a second opinion will help your better understand what is going on. Please know that we are here for you as you navigate the journey ahead. I hope you will update us on how she is doing!

    Many hugs and so much love & Prayers,