Preemie born 44 days ago

Laken was born at 26.5 weeks. It has been a roller coaster ride. He was doing better in the vent until last weekend. He started constantly swinging and requiring more oxygen. He is now on oscillator and requiring 100% oxygen. He has pneumonia.  His 02 level is swinging between 70's and 80's. they have put him on nitrogen also trying to get his numbers up. Heart rate is great. The waiting for improvement is the hardest. Doctors and nurses are great. Has anyone else experienced this with their baby boy?

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    That is good news to hear that Laken is off the oscillator! I hope his lungs continue to grow stronger and he gets extra plump with those feedings.
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    Laken is doing better. The pneumonia is gone and his back on vent. His lungs are still immature. They are just letting eat and grow for a little while.

    So glad your baby is doing well. Stories like yours keeps us going. Thank you !!
  • Congratulations on the birth of your son Laken. I'm so sorry that you are experiencing all of this stress with his health. I had a 25 week preemie who also had difficulty with breathing. He was on the ventilator for a while then was on the oscillator after his PDA surgery that collapsed his lungs. It is so scary to watch them struggle to breathe. They had to wean my son off morphine after the surgery (pain meds from surgery that they can't just take them off). We think that the morphine was adding to his breathing struggle. He eventually did make it off the oscillator and onto the ventilator again. He went home on oxygen from the hospital after 99 days. He had oxygen at home for another 3.5 months. It was a struggle, but my son is now almost 5 years old. He is strong and doing well. Please update us on how Laken is doing.