27 week 3 day twins - first time NICU mom

Due to reverse flow for my twin Charlie, we delivered our twins at 27 weeks 3 days. I have 2 kids at home (5yo and 2yo). Jack was 2lb at birth and Charlie was 1 lb 6oz. Jack is on CPAP and Charlie is on ventilator. Charlie's co2 levels are concerning and they talk of sending him to a nicu 45 minutes away that has high frequency ventilator. It's day 6 of our nicu journey and I don't know how/if I'll ever cope or be happy.

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    The nurses and doctors will continue to watch the levels with breathing and it will probably go back and forth quite a bit. Their little lungs get tired and they'll need more assistance again. Try not to let it crush you, it takes time for the lungs to get stronger outside of your body.
    My son had a bleed as well. Sometimes they correct themselves. The blood transfusions will probably also happen more often than you would think. My son had quite a few. Good luck this week!
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    Thank you for your replies. We went yesterday morning and they had turned down some settings and the neonatologist mentioned the word "wean". Last night the NP had raised a small setting which felt discouraging but she said she didn't like his CO2 level being as high as it was. Hopefully the neonatologist will readjust in the morning.

    The smaller baby is having a blood transfusion because of the amount of blood tests they have to do so that sounds scary but I understand the reasoning.

    Tomorrow is the first brain ultrasound looking for bleeds. This is very nerve racking. I had magnesium treatments 4 days prior and I hope it helped.
  • Hello, congratulations on the birth of your twin sons. I had a 25 week preemie who weighed 1 pound 14 ounces. It can be so terrifying to watch their journey in the NICU. My son went between all of the available breathing equipment in our NICU. He would be doing great one day and they'd adjust, then he'd tank and they'd have to put him back on more assistance. You are new to this crazy world of the NICU and I'm so sorry that you are going through it. My son was there for 99 days and some stay more, others less. Keep us updated on Jack and Charlie. If you have any questions about it or just need to come to vent, please do. We are here.
  • Welcome to Share. Congratulations on the birth of your twins.

    I am so sorry that you're having to endure the NICU. I know how hard it is to face the ups and downs, especially with kids at home. My oldest daughter was three when my younger daughter was born and spent time in the NICU.

    I know this is all so overwhelming. Please remember to take it one breath at a time. Not one day, not one minute, one breath. Take one breath and then take another.

    I can't promise that everything will be okay but I can tell you that you are not alone. So many of us have gone through what you're going through and you will come through the other side.

    I hope you'll continue to share your story with us. We can support you through the dips and celebrate with you during the highs of the NICU rollercoaster.

    Sending you love and peace,