My Little Bird

Hi, My name is Jennifer and I'm the proud parent of a micro preemie. Raven was born at 26 weeks, weighting only 1lb 8oz. She has been through so much in her first months of life. I have tried to stay strong for her. but I am almost at breaking point. She was intubated for 7 weeks. in that 7 weeks I found out she had a brain bleed, swollen intestines, immature lungs. At 5lb 9oz I found out she has chronic lung disease, pulmonary hypertension, reflux and apnea. I am alone with no one to speak out to. this is my release.

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    Congratulations on your sweet angel. I was with my daughter in the NICU for 213 days. She was born at 24w5d and only 1 lbs. She has a grade 4 IVH, chronic lung disease and suffered a ruptured lung and bowel. No one can understand what we go through seeing our innocent babies go through this everyday and feeling helpless. Everytime I saw unknown number come up on my phone, my heart sank thinking it was the hospital with bad news. Family and friends try, but sadly they didn't provide much comfort. I was most at ease when I was there holding here. Raven's got this!! She's a fighter and will make it to the home stretch. Hugs for you both
  • Hi Jennifer, congratulation on your angel. i understand what you are talking about. My princess was born on 28 weeks and she was suffering with lot s of problem also. unfortunately these kind of problems are very common for babies born  sooner than 30 weeks. my LO had brain bleeding and we did surgery and .... finally 2 weeks ago she was discharged from hospital after 110 days!!!  keep yourself strong, these days will finish and our preemie babies will be strong and healthy. I will pray for your princess.