Awareness and support

I live in a small town in GA and I have a micro preemie in the nicu. The only way I feel content, when I'm not with my daughter is to talk about it. I don't ever hear of anyone in my town speaking out about preturm birth and pregnancy loss. So Im trying to bring the community together to spread awareness and support for those in need. I know its more common than you think and I believe we need to stick together.

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    I love that you are helping to educate and inform others about prematurity and your journey. No one in my immediate family had any experiences with NICU or loss, so finding the Share site was such a blessing.


  • I have also created a public group on Facebook. Search awarenesses and preemie support GA. Feel free to join whether you are in GA or not. I just want to create discussion about the problems that we face as nicu or angel parents.