Don't get me wrong here. I love my nicu and what they have done for me and my daughter. but I just found out at 4 months old "hands on" times are for the smaller babies. My daughter Raven has 1-5-9, apparently at this point that is just a "suggestion". she is too big for that. Raven got a bath Saturday morning so the nurses thought it was ok for them to skip a hands on.

From what I can tell a normal baby would be okay skipping it. but Raven has pulmonary hypertension so she is on lasic which makes you peeeeeeee.......... ALOT. well these nurses thinks its ok to make my daughter lay in her own piss for 8 hrs........

I was told from a nurse that if she was at home I would not wake her up in the middle of the night to change a diaper. My response to that is that if my baby is at home and she soaks through a diaper and clothes. I personally will wake up at anytime, DAY or NIGHT and change her diaper.. I feel like this is neglect on there part and this is there way of covering it up. PLS PLS PLS tell me if you have been through anything similar

and if so how did you handle it. These People take care of my child so I really don't want to piss them off and it get taken out on her. but I'm scared for every moment that I'm away from her. How do they do her when I'm not there.

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I have very few ppl in my life right now that supports me. her dad isn't in the picture and I blame myself. but its starting to seem that I'm not the only one.
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    thank you. I am just sooo overwhelmed. they just transferred her further away so I'm not sure how or when I'm going to get to see her. and I was just informed that she has a hole in her heart. only 5 days ago I was told that it wasn't anything to worry about. that it wasn't affecting her breathing. I'm just second guessing everything and everyone. this child has been in the nicu since the day she was born and she is 4 months old. I'm just ready for her to come home
  • Hey there I am a NICU nurse and We do every four hours for some babies as they get older in my NICU. i feel like you can always approach your nurse and say you feel more comfortable having her diaper changed since she is on lasix. Maybe escalate to an assistant manager if you feel your nurse is not receptive to your feelings. If your baby is sleeping ok and not having any rashes or skin issues it may be fine to allow her to get the rest her body needs. Bringing in an overnight diaper for greater absorbency can be a suggestion. You are not over reacting at all this is your baby I am sure you can reach a comfortable agreement with your nicu.