NICU mama

Hello! I am actually a NICU mom twice. I have a guardian angel. So I can help with a passing. I never ever say loss because your beautiful baby is never a loss because they are still with you! Just remember that. Even though we cannot see them, they are here guarding you and with you through everything. And I have a rainbow baby! She is a NICU grad spending about 3.5 months in the NICU going through some rough bumps in the road. I am willing to talk anytime!

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  • Hello, and welcome to Share. I am happy to hear that your rainbow baby is staying strong -- although I'm sure the NICU stay is tough on you.

    I, too, am an angel mom -- to twin sons who were born in March 2007 at 22w5d. I agree -- our angels are with us all the time.

  • Welcome to share. So happy to hear of your Rainbow baby doing so well and so sorry for the passing of your child. Thank you for explaining not to use the word loss. I have not experienced that so having you explain it makes so much sense. I will remember that in the future. So glad you are here at Share and can offer support to others. Hugs.