Couldn't sleep

This was my first night sleeping in the NICU, but I didn't sleep not even an hour I watch my 30wk little princess all night to make sure she don't stop breathing even though knowing she's hooked up to the CPAP and heart rate monitor.I forgot eat , drink water and missed a dose of my blood pressure medicine. My husband think I shouldn't go at night but I feel guilty leaving her

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    Of course! Glad that this has been helpful. That's the beauty of Share Your Story. You're surrounded by moms who have been where you are. We are here for you through this journey. Look forward to reading more updates on your little princess.

    Take care,
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    It's great hearing from someone who been through it .Thanks
  • I'm sorry your little one is in the NICU. It is a scary place and I completely understand the guilt you're feeling (I remember feeling the same way). But you must take care of yourself. Your sweet girl needs her Momma healthy when she's ready to come home. Hang in there.

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    Hi I had been through the same experience with my son in April this year. He was born 32 weeks. You must be very exhausted and emotionally weak this time. But trust me you need rest. Your princess will be home in few weeks and she will be needing a healthy energetic Mom. I know how hard it is to leave the baby alone in the hospital. But she is in good hands. Take care of your health and rest.
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    Thanks so much I needed to hear that.
  • It has been years since my time in the NICU. We lived 50miles from the hospital. I remember reading a book that emphazied giving yourself permission to be away from the NICU. You need to take care of yourself right now. There are nurses there to help with your sweet baby girl 24/7. You're going to be dealing with plenty of exhaustion once she gets home. Don't use up all your strength right now. Don't feel guilty leaving her, you need rest and recovery to be the best mom possible. Your daughter needs you healthy when she comes home.
    One thing I did was record myself reading books for my twins. The recorder stayed with them and the nurses would play it for them at times when I couldn't physically be at the hospital.
    Give yourself permission to be away. Your daughter has passionate care takers in the NICU. Taking care of you translates into taking care of your sweet princess!