Fear of Getting Sick

Hi All! My baby was born at 26 weeks and in still in the NICU.  I just started going back to work, and it seems like everyone is sick here!  Three people that I work with are out sick, and I just want to curl up in a little bubble and go home.

I want to see my baby every day, but am terrified of accidentally getting her sick, because I could have something and not know.

Anyone have any tips or ideas?  I'm handwashing and using hand sanitizer over here until my hands are cracking and raw.

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    Congrats on the NICU graduation! Yes, I think everyone here can agree with those intense feelings. Sickness and germs are everywhere and we know what they can do to little systems. Our first son spent 3 weeks in the NICU and so when he was able to be discharged, I had 10 weeks of maternity left. I had enough sick days to add an extra week, but agonized during most of my time over daycare. In the next year and a half and as my teaching job changed sites, he was in two different home daycare environments. With bedrest, hospitalization, an early delivery, and NICU experience, I definitely could have used a reliable daycare provider. I soon realized that they were hard to find.

    So, because I didn't have 2 or 3 back ups for this and that and no family members to rely on, I inevitably turned to a daycare center that would be staffed and open regardless. My usual routine at pick up time was that I would take him with extended arms and place him right into his car seat. I wouldn't cuddle with him until after he had his bath and that happened immediately upon arriving home. Whatever blanket went to daycare didn't go in his crib with him at night. I had daycare stuff just for daycare and I was careful to keep things separate. I just felt like I was on constant alert. I still feel that way, but with a different kiddo:) He had the synagis shots too and those seemed to keep him healthy. You can still get a flu shot too if you're feeling overwhelmed. You'll wash your hands, sanitize, and maybe you even open doors with a hand covered sleeve like me, but colds can still happen. Just prep and stay stocked with all of your favorites, so that you can all feel more comfy in the event some sniffles come your way. Deep breath and be sure to ask for extra details about her day if you have concerns.

    Hugs and let us know how it goes,

  • I just wanted to send a quick update. My little NICU grad is home! She is doing well and healthy, but I have to say, I am still super anxious about getting sick and passing it to her. I work at a school and am scared every day that I am going to bring something bad home to my baby. We have been staying home and missing family events (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthday parties), we don't go to the store, etc. She's going to daycare soon, and I can honestly say I'm terrified. Has anyone else dealt with this intense fear?
  • Hello & welcome! Congrats on your baby girl! I hope that you find yourself at home with her instead of visiting her at the NICU as soon as you can. One of the best ways to stay healthy is to take care of yourself and get plenty of rest. I have found that good old Vitamin C, sunlight and green tea help a lot in lifting spirits and helping you boost your immune system. Sending you lots of positive and healthy thoughts.
    Love and Hugs
  • Congratulations on the birth of your little one! I hope that your little person meets his/her NICU goals, so that you can all be home together soon. It sounds like you're doing everything you possibly can to keep the potential sickness away. I'm sure that you are well aware already, but do stay hydrated, drink hot tea at the slightest tickle in your throat, wash anything you touch frequently if you can, and you can always opt to wear a mask too at NICU visits. Wipe down your work space, (cell) phone, and anything else you touch and anything shared at work. Fresh air helps too, so get out of that office at breaks and at lunch. I understand the worry and it is very real.

    Thinking of you,