Looking for Volunteers to Share their NICU story for a preemie book

Hello Members,

I am looking for volunteers to share their story about their NICU experience to include as part of a prematurity book I am writing.  I am hoping you can provide 250-300 words on your experience.  I am looking for stories that are inspirational, hopeful and with a lot of heart in them.  I am looking for stories for every gestation starting 23 weeks to 37 weeks. You can list the medical conditions your preemie overcame.  Preferably stories that note how the baby is now doing after leaving the NICU.

If you are interested in helping with this voluntary project that will be published online in ebook and picture book format please contact me at  Karen.cruz@rogers.com.  I can always include names anonymously in the book for privacy reasons.

Please help me make my writing project come to life, with your inspirational stories and help.

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  • Hi I would be interested I have had 3 lost of experiences in the nicu I have put some details in my story of pregnancy's heart ache happiness worry and relieve