I am currently overly stressed. My daughter was born at 28+4.., 2 pounds and 14 ounces. She's been in the NICU now for two weeks and 4 days. She is doing great with everything except she had bleeding in her brain of level one. I was stressing because I had to wait another week to make sure it remained the same or for it to decrease. I waited another week and with the second ultrasound it showed it increased to level two! This is killing me!! I just want to know if anyone has experienced this. Is it common that they can go from level one to level two without going to level three. I have to wait another week for the third ultrasound but I can't even sleep or stop stressing. I was hoping for it to go away or remain the same when it was on level one. Can someone please share their story if they experienced this with they lil ones. She is doing great with everything else which I find more confusing. Why did it increase will it keep increasing?? Sorry if I might sound a lil off typing this but I have been so stressed that I can't even barely make myself more clear on certain things. Please help?

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  • Hi and welcome to share. I'm so sorry you and your daughter are going through such a difficult time. My daughter was born at 25 weeks, 1lb 9 oz, and suffered a Grade III brain bleed (it looked like Grade IV at one point). She's now 5 and thriving. Of course, every baby's journey is different, and there's always more uncertainty ahead. But you have every reason to be hopeful.

    While it sometimes seemed impossible, the only way I could really make it through those months in the NICU was to take it not only day by day, but moment by moment. To understand that there were no odds or prognoses or ultrasounds that could tell me what my baby's future would hold. And to know that, whatever happened, I would make it through somehow. So will you.

    Your baby sounds like a precious little fighter. Sending hugs to you and your family,
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    I'm not sure if I'm replying in the right spot, I'm new here. My son was born 6 days ago. He too has a brain bleed- grade 1. His second ultrasound remained "stable" and his next one is in 6 days. They told me this is common for premies because blood vessels are not fully developed yet so it makes more likely for bleeds to occur. I would call & speak to the doctor and ask these questions & voice your concern. Sometimes they don't have answers as they can't predict what will happen, but maybe they can provide you with more information. Hang in there, take it day by day. I understand how nerve-racking waiting can be. Hope this helped.
  • Hello and welcome to Share. Congratulations on your baby girl! I know the NICU can be such a rollercoaster. I hope the NICU staff is keeping you well informed. Know that we're here to listen as this is a great place to unload. Hope that you will update as you can.

    Sending hugs,

  • Hi! Welcome to Share and congratulations on your little girl. My twins, born at 25 weeks each had a brain bleed. My daughter Hanna had a grade 2, on diagnosis and never increased. We were told that it most likely would have little to no impact on her development. She continued on her NICU stay for 12 weeks developing as expected. Upon discharge she was evaluated and began therapies due to delay.... but nothing more than would be expected for a 25 weeker... barely qualifying for services because her delay was so mild. There was no indication that the delay was due to her bleed. By 2 years old she graduated from all therapies and has never looked back. Today Hanna is 16 years old. She swims and plays water polo for her high school.... recently being dubbed "Hat-trick Hanna" by her coaches and teammates because she scores at least 3 goals in every water polo match. I should probably share that Hanna is the smallest girl on her team, and usually the smallest girl in the pool at every match. That bleed has had absolutely no impact on her life.... at all.
    While I wish I could give you the crystal ball so that you can see the amazing things your little one could do some day I don't have that. But I can surely give you a good dose of hope to carry you through the days ahead.

    Hugs to you and your little one. Please give us an update when you get the chance.
  • Hello and Welcome. Congratulations on your baby girl. So sorry that you find yourself in the NICU and dealing with the brain bleed. I myself do not have experience with that particular event but I know that its unfortunately common with premature infants and every single case is different. Please know we are here for you to vent and help as much as we can with the stress. Sending you strength as you navigate this journey.
    Love and Hugs