Feeding issues... HELP!!!

My daughter was born at 28 weeks and is 38 weeks and 3 days now.  At 37 weeks we were told oxygen was coming off and she was doing good eating from the bottle then tuesday morning i get a call that my daughter had aspiration pneumonia because whoever put her feeding tube in did not notice that the tube curved and went back up.  She was put on an iv, her feedings stopped and she was given antibiotics.  That was 8 days ago and now she is having a hard time eating again. All she wants to do is sleep.  Her feeding is the only thing holding us back.  Any advice to keep her awake?  I tickle her feet, move her, take off her blanket.  Any ideas help.

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  • Congratulations on your baby girl! Oh the roller coaster ride of the NICU, it is so so hard. My son had a very similar setback with feeding. He started feeding great then got an infection and was put on antibiotics only to realize he didn’t have an infection so we started back feedings again. It was a HUGE setback for us. It was so hard to see this as I wanted to push him along so he could come home. Are you able to be at the NICU alot? Will she take the bottle when you feed her? After time (2weeks) he would always take the bottle for me but not always the nurses. What finally ended up working for him was me staying at the NICU and feeding him each feed. I think he was ready at that point and it just all clicked for us. It takes time but she will get there! Everyone kept telling us he would get there and he did.

    Thinking of you! Keep us posted!