TWIN Girls

April 30th I gave birth to DI-DI twin girls.  I was 37wks 2 days.  During my pregnancy baby B had signs of SVT however baby A seemed to be fine,  or so we thought.  On Monday April 30th I had these amazing little girls via csection baby A 5lb 15oz & baby B 7lb 6oz. I knew something wasnt okay the moment my babies were not crying. I was told my baby A had a cleft palet on the roof of her mouth at the time I had no idea how bad or anything else.  Birth babies were taken to the nicu. 12 long hours later I was able to finally see them.  My baby B was discharged by that Friday but baby A was having issues getting off the cpap machine.  A week later she was transfered to a higher level nicu. When found she had A mild/moderate case of PRS. During more test they found. Non cancerous mass on the roof of get mouth along side of her cleft.  Because her nasal passage  was blacked my the mass and tounge fell back so to small chen/jawl it blocked her other airway the only option was to get a trach. Today May 30th 1 month after she was born she got her trach and its the scariest thing ive ever had to do.  Just looking at her hoping i made the best decision.  This road has been the hardest ive ever had to go down,  even harder with dealing with her newborn sister through all this.  Being a nicu mom is hard!!

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    Thank you Brandi, I found this site from my hospital. It has already helped. Gabrielle my baby A had surgery yesterday for her trach & was taken off all vent support by 11am this morning, it was the hardest decision ive ever made when it came to a trach but knowing today shes breathing on her own and her pink skin color is back makes it the right decision . Having to be a mom to a newborn at home travel and have a newborn in the nicu wears you out but knowing my baby will soon be home makes it worth the wait. ☺
  • Hello and Welcome to Share. Congratulations on your twins. I am so sorry that one is still in the NICU. Being a mom is hard, twin mom is hard and NICU mom is even harder. I hope that you are finding support at your NICU family program. Please know one of the best steps you can take is to reach out here for help. So many Share users understand the ups and downs and battles of NICU life. Please know we are here for you. Keep us updated on your little fighter.
    Love and Hugs