34 weeker boy with Abdominal Hernia and Tracheostomy

I am blessed with a baby boy (34 weeker) last Saturday, he was born with abdominal hernia. So a surgery made for abdominal hernia, when he was just one day old, also they removed a part of his abdominal cord which was defected by birth.

While surgery the doctor said that they will have to do Tracheostomy as he was facing difficulties in breathing, I had no option so I allowed them to do so.

Surgery for abdominal hernia was done successfully but he came out from OT with Tracheostomy.

He is 4 days old now and in NICU with stoma bag, Tracheostomy and on ventilation as doctors said that he is consuming efforts to breath so to give some relaxation to tiny lungs they had to keep him on vent for few days.

We as parents have lots of questions in our mind like how much time he will be in NICU, how long he will be breathing through Tracheostomy, when he will be able to breath his own, when his stoma bag will be removed,  what are the side effects of Tracheostomy. Is Tracheostomy painful??

I am here just to know the story of parents facing similar situation with there newborn, as it will help me to know the answers of my questions.

Thanks guys and pray for my son :) and I apologise for my Grammerical mistakes as I am not good in English :(


A father

Pakistan, Karachi