What was you NICU Experience like?


I am student designer interested in finding ways to minimize the negative experiences associated with the NICU. I am currently conducting online research as a means of gaining insight from people who have been through an experience in the NICU.

I am a product designer, meaning I design tangible goods and am always looking to improve existing products.

If anyone finds the time, I am very interested in hearing your story and perspective. More specifically, I would like to understand more of your initial feelings about the environment of the NICU.

What was your initial impression of the machines, monitors, noises, and sights when you first visited the NICU? Did you find that this environment became "normalized" as you spent more time in the NICU, or were you unable to get used to certain aspects? These questions are meant to serve as a prompt of the most concise aspects of my project, so please speak about anything outside of these questions if you think it will help describe the environment of the NICU.

If anyone has any questions or would like more info regarding this project, please don't hesitate to ask!

Thank you,

B Humphreys