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I’m receiving all these emails and stories about how much the match of dimes help people. I just want to know who decides which parents they help. I had 5 premature babies which included a set of twins. I stayed  majority of my time in the hospital on medications to stop labor and avoid my babies being delivered early. Not once did anyone from the march of dimes reach out to me. Not once did anyone in the hospital advise me if this organization , no one seem to bother advising me there was support out there. So this really upsets me when they march of dimes came to my job for donations , saying what they do and how long they have been doing it. I thank God daily for making me s strong woman to endure everything I went through. Going 3 times a day to feed and spend tkme with my babies. Making sure they knew mama really wanted them and were waiting for them to get home so I applaud all the parents coming on this site with there stories. But I don’t want everybody to think that everybody has the advantage of the March of Dimes helping them. Stop until today my question hasn’t been answered. Who and how is it determined which people the March of Dimes choose to help? This post may never be seen by anyone but maybe I should go to the media to get answers to these question.  I really want to know how support is given and who decides the families that will get the help. This charity goes on people’s job with 1 mom and child to tell if the struggle of her having to stop working to care of her baby. She travels around speaking to people to get them to donate.  So is the March of dimes taking care of her? See the reality of having premature babies is that yes it’s hard, it could really break someone down. Where was this support of this organization during my times of need. Yes they were established , no the hospital didn’t advise me of them and no I didn’t even see anyone from March of Dimes in the NICU either time. I applaud everyone that has had a good experience with this organization helping them. But I think it’s time you all here from someone that wasn’t help, I struggled and survived. Each of my babies are grown and doing well. But I really wish the government would step in and monitor who gets help, what are the qualifications for assistance. Because believe it or not there are till families that don’t know March of Dimes are out there helping who they want to.

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    I applaud your story and strength. Yet I have a local chapter that visits my employment regularly asking for support. They bring the same mom and child every time. They show everyone they support yet never publishes anything on how to get the support. You are correct the nurses and doctor in the NICU were great and I appreciate all that they do. I knew them all in first name bases. During my life time I’ve expressed to my kids that I want better for younger people. More then what I had yet my daughter had 3 premature babies one survived. The only support we received was from Maddie’s Footprints and this was recent. I’m not going to participate in this forum I just wanted to get things out so that everyone supporting and running this organization can know the support is not equal to everyone. Especially when you can see a mom quit her job to make her child the poster person and get more benefits. Good luck everyone. Somebody’s opinion can open a lot if eyes
  • I, too, never received any support from the March of Dimes while my son was in the NICU for three months in 2011. I didn't learn about them until later. I think it depends on the hospital, but I'm not sure about that. I have since learned a lot more about them and now I know that a lot of what saved my son came from research funded by the MoD, and I know they advocate politically. But, hearing about "support specialists" from other families made me wonder why we didn't have that. I don't want to complain because the staff at the hospital was AMAZING and cared for us along with Sam. But still, it didn't seem like it should be a highly-trained nurse's job to arrange for us (not their actual patients) to get meals and housing. I don't know if that has changed in the years since. I read about MoD support specialists providing activity areas for siblings, working with the Ronald McDonald House, holding scrapbooking sessions for moms and families, helping with insurance paperwork, and things like that. All of that kind of stuff was done, at my hospital, by the staff, usually RN's. They were fabulous and caring people and it made it so much easier for us to have them, but it didn't really make sense for them to be doing that.

    So knowing about the research makes me more supportive of the MoD, because that is sooooo important. And this forum, with other online resources, help people who don't have access to MoD support at their hospitals. It doesn't seem to me that it's the MoD choosing whom to help and whom not to, rather which areas/hospitals provide them access.