Experiencing Loss and rainbow baby in the same year

The loss of angels will always hurt. Its a scare that never fades. I lost my Baby Doube at 23 weeks in the NICU from an infection and abdominal abscess. She was my first and for the first time i thought the was no value to life. She was born February 19, 2016 and passed on February 29, 2016. May 7, 2016 i found out i was pregnant. On October 22, 2016 my baby Jamie was born at 25 weeks and 2 days. That meant a second NICU walk in the same year. My experience with Jamie has been very inspiring. It will never cancel the pain of our first loss but our faith in God saw us through. the pain will never really go away because each child has their position in the family and in our hearts. I strongly advocate the "take it one day at a time" idea. But if you think about it that as letting your angel have a peaceful rest, it could help. Joining these forums, blogs and groups to discuss our pain helped alot to. I want to encourage us to be strong, take heart for it only gets better. When the hurt comes refuse it, talk to your angel calling his/her name and tell them that you will be strong for them. I share hugs and courage to all grieving parents and families. 

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    When it happened to me i felt all alone until i decided to check out march of Dimes trying to find some consolation. I'm glad with my baby as she is a real blessing.
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    Thanks Erin. Jamie is doing Great!! She is now 17lbs after being home for 3 months. Her Pediatrician changed her formula come May 1st. she is a real blessing. Breast feeding has not been easy but i thank God she is doing good with her bottles.
  • Thank you for sharing your children -- Doube and Jamie with us, as well as your experience. I, too, am angel mom -- to twin sons who were born at 22w5d in March 2007. They were far too early for the NICU, so I can only imagine the anguish of watching your rainbow enter the NICU as well.

    Please check in again and let us know how you and Jamie are doing.

  • Hello,
    Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with us, even though it can be painful. It does help others who are going through the same to know they are not alone.
    Love and Hugs