Lost my baby boy

Hi everyone, I just lost my baby boy at week 26 last Wednesday 8/23. I did not feel his kicking for a few days but tried not too worried too much because I worry a lot and can't think about anything once I start worried. So my husband always tells me not to worry so much. I, however, felt really worried because my baby was too quiet. I could not focus on my work, could not think about anything but going to the hospital. So I went to hospital last Monday and the doctor seemed weird when she was doing ultrasound. I could immediately tell that the baby was died. I could not believe what was happening for a few days till I had to induce and labor the baby. My husband was crying a lot and said that was his fault because he thought I worried too much, but actually my feelings about the baby was right. He thought we should have been to the hospital as soon as possible. My tears did not come till the baby was born. I never blame us for his death. It just happened. I did not ever think this happen to us. It has been a week since my angel is gone, I cried less and less everyday, trying to accept the fact that is why I am sharing my story here. I know it takes time to heal myself emotionally and physically but I want to have a healthy baby as soon as we are ready. I know that another baby is not a replacement and my angel Tommy is always with us forever. But I want a HOPE and want to hold a healthy baby again. If anyone can give me some advice, please let me know. 

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  • Hello and welcome to Share. I am so very sorry for the loss of your baby boy. The best advice I can give in the journey of grief is to be easy on yourself and take it every moment, hour or day, whatever you can manage, at a time. Just breathe and let yourself feel things without guilt for feeling it. Know that its one of the worst things that can happen and its okay to just feel awful about it. Wishing you so much peace and healing.
    Love and Hugs
  • Hi Welcome to share . I am sorry for your loss. Give yourself time to grieve and heal. When my son died I remember thinking so many things, making so many plans of what was next. I had a doctor tell me to give it time before jumping into things again and it was the best advice I got. It gave me a chance to get through the roller coaster of emotions and my grief and decide what was best for my family. Give yourself time . Many hug. Nicki
  • So sorry that you have had to go through this pain. Take the time you need to heal your body and your heart. Tommy will be with you forever. You and your husband will both grieve for Tommy. Let your doctor help judge when your body is ready to try again for a baby. Keep that hope alive for a future healthy pregancy.
  • You are an awesome smart and wise lady. You are doing right thing by finding hope in pain. Things will be fine. Take care of your physical and mental health . You got to be strong for your husband. I can understand your pain . I know it's a hard time. But try to rest and remain positive and try after six months