Loss of My Son

I lost my son April 27th of this year and it has been the hardest thing for me to deal with mentally and emotionally. I haven't had time to mourn my child at all. I seriously do not know what to do at this point.

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  • Hello and welcome to Share. I am sorry to read about the loss of your son. This journey is painful, but know that you are not alone. I found this site over 8 years ago when we lost our third son. It became an outlet for so many different thoughts and feelings, a safe place. While most hospitals might offer free grief counseling, that may not be the best place especially if the hospital is a trigger or if there was malpractice. Depressing yes, but some funeral homes offer grief counseling and one could seek counseling privately. For me, I sought counseling early on and had a few sessions because I felt like my world was spinning out of control. No one in my immediate family could understand or offer me the support I needed. I also felt that I wasn't able to really mourn because I had two other very young children at the time. I unraveled slowly and when I did, it was uncomfortable for others. Talking with someone really helped and I hope that it can do the same for you. You do for you and when your closest circle does not get it, please visit us here.

    Wishing you strength,

  • HI Welcome to Share. I am sorry for your loss. My son Scott died when he was 2 weeks old. Those first few months were the toughest moments of my entire life both mentally and emotionally. One of the things I learned is that you have to let the grief come and allow it to happen. Like Karri said you should be able to find a support group to be a part of, a good starting point would be the hospital. I found counseling helped me. It was a place I could go for an hour and truly let my emotions out. It was a "safe" place for me to share all that I was going through and all those thoughts rolling through my mind. When my son first died all I could handle was living minute to minute and then slowly I was able to live hour by hour, then day by day. Losing a child is devastating and it takes time and a lot of tears and other emotions to get through it. I am sending many hugs your way and hope that you are able to find a way to be able to mourn your child. We are here whenever you need to share. Nicki
  • First of all let me say how sorry I am for your loss. I lost my baby on April 28th of this year. I know it's hard, believe me there's not a day that goes by I don't miss him and question why God took him, but I know from experience that it does get a little easier and you will find peace. Please find yourself time to mourn him in your own way; don't let anyone or anything take that from you. Also, please continue to reach out for support and help. You are not alone.
    With much support,
    Amari's mom
  • Hi and welcome to Share Your Story. I'm so sorry for the loss of your precious son. There are no words I can offer to make you feel better. But I can assure you that everyone here at Share are here to support you on this journey. We have many Moms who have experienced the loss of their child and understand the pain your in.
    I'm grateful you have come to SYS and are sharing your story with us. Please continue to visit the site and write about your journey with us. We will walk this road with you. I also encourage you to reach out to your doctor and find local support for yourself. Most hospitals have support groups for families who have experienced a loss like you.

    Take care,