Just got home from hospital after delivering my beautiful baby boy.  Found out earlier in the day that he had no heartbeat.   This is the second time I have lost a baby past 20 weeks     I feel empty.   Like I just have nothing left and that the pain will never go away.  

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  • I am sorry for your losses. I my son died 5 years ago and I know how heavy that pain can feel. Know we are here for you. Many hugs. Nicki
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    I lost my daughter 3 weeks ago. I’m an emotional wreck and this pain is so heavy. Sending you peace and strength too.
  • Hello and welcome. I am so very sorry for the loss of your baby. I lost my first daughter 11 years ago. Please know that you are not alone, many of us have similar journeys and we are here for you. Sending you so much peace and strength.
    Love and Hugs