How to deal with a miscarriage

I recently had a miscarriage of twins, had to have an emergency d&c done because I couldn’t stop bleeding. How do you cope with the loss? I feel like I am pushing everyone away and shutting them out. I can’t get the images of the day out of my head and seeing pregnant women and newborn babies just makes it worse. How to I stop blaming myself?

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  • Hello and Welcome to Share. I am so very very sorry for the loss of your twins. I think one of the hardest parts of dealing with miscarriage is the unseen and intangible yet catastrophic loss the mother feels. Its something no one else could feel the presence of, so noticing the loss is almost impossible for others. It sounds like your miscarriage was traumatic for you and you're kind of stuck. It's very normal to push people away, as you're very much inside yourself when this happens. My best advice is to be gentle with yourself, and know its okay to grieve the loss of your pregnancy and your babies that should have been. If the feelings of trauma continue it would be wise to seek counseling , maybe a referral through your ob/gyn or family doctor. Of course, we are here for you at share. A lot of us who have experienced loss keep a journal in blogs when we need a supportive audience to vent to. Wishing you so much peace and strength.
    Love and Hugs