Placenta Abruption

About a month ago, I was 39 wks pregnant. All my prenatal checkups were normal. All data showed both my baby and I were healthy. I started having contractions on Monday evening. After we arrived at the hospital, a nurse used her finger to check how much I'd dilated. As soon as she pulled her finger out, I started bleeding and my baby's heart rate started dropping. An hour later the doctor on call in the hospital decided to perform emergency CS. I lost my baby, a full grown & cute boy like I had imagined. I lost so much blood that I almost died myself. I was told the cause was something very rare called placenta abruption. I never heard of it before and my OB never mentioned it. It  seemed none of the regular prenatal checkups ever detected anything abnormal. 

Since then, I wake up everyday hoping this was a nightmare and it would go away. But it doesn't. I lost my precious Lucas forever. 

I looked up online and I had neither the symptoms nor the causes listed. I do not drink, smoke nor do drugs. I don't understand how did this happen to me at the very last moment when all I expected was to meet my baby?

Are there any research on how does this happen? How to detect it and prevent it? Is there an organization to focus on research, detection and prevention of this terrible thing?

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    Hi Lindsay. Thanks for your message. The pain of losing Lucas is still so raw. I looked down my empty tummy and still can't believe that no so long ago, Lucas was kicking and stretching inside me. I had to wear sports bra day and night after the delivery to prevent milk production. But I dreamed of nursing Lucas. Every night I pray that Lucas will come to my dream so I can hug him, kiss him, play with him, feed him and do everything I have dreamed of doing.

    I feel cheated since my pregnancy was so normal and uneventful. Neither the nurses nor my OB even prepared for placenta abruption.
    There are not many awareness out there to warn women and health providers about it. I wonder if there is anything I can do to help spread the word and increase the awareness of it. I am at a point that doing what I used to do isn't enough any more. I am seeking new meaning in life.
  • Welcome to Share Helen. I am so very sorry to read about the loss of your baby boy Lucas. I'm an angel mom as well and lost our son this same way 9 years ago now. I had never heard of a placental abruption either until it happened. I had those life-saving transfusions and found myself asking all of the same questions. I wish that I could tell you that it was all a nightmare. I am so sorry. Everyone does this journey in their own way. In the earliest weeks, I cried non-stop and my cheeks were raw from wiping away tears. Even weeks and months out, I would rub my tummy thinking for a second he was still in there and quickly realizing that this nightmare was very real. Talking with others who had experienced infant loss really helped me feel not so alone. I hope that this site can do the same for you.

    Sending hugs and strength,