Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since I gave birth to my stillborn daughter of 35 weeks. Everyone keeps asking,  how are you... a question I've yet to figure out how to respond to . And God knows the im sorry for your loss:" as sincere as it is. It's really getting tiring hearing it so often. Im mentally unavailable atm and everyone being so caring is tryna reach out, and I just don't feel like communicating right now. Today my angel is being cremated and I've just been laying here, feeling number. Only 3 weeks ago I had my baby shower,  and one week later, im giving birth to my stillborn baby . How the heck is that even possible!!: I don't know how to handle this kinda grief, I cry , and then feel bad for times when I smile cuz it feels like it's too soon to smile and unfair to my little girl.. I just want her back so bad. I don't understand y or how this happened.  As if trying to have a kid after an ectopic wasn't hard enough. THIS IS JUST SO UNFAIR