Science and Pregnancy

I am scientist by profession.  We struggled for a long time to have babies and finally, when the news came that my wife was pregnant, I realized that I need to take charge of my wife's health.  This is only a short summary of my efforts into making my babies and my wife healthy. 

The reason was very clear:  the doctors we went to were very nice but clueless as to the latest in health. A simple example:  knowing that my wife has twins and we are vegetarians, the doctors should have asked my wife to have additional proteins. Of course not!  I researched and determined the amount of proteins needed (which was significantly higher than what she was consuming) and fed her plant and milk based protein powder.  Made sure she ate lots of veggies and fruits.  She listened to me and had her meals methodically.  We tried to ensure that there will be no infections which could result in prematurity.  But unfortunately, the babies were born premature.  My wife started pelvic pains and the doctors send us back stating that it is normal.  Only when my wife's sister insisted did they finally admit her to the hospital!!!  They immediately injected her with MgSO4 and the magic steroids to ensure lung maturity. 

They stayed for 2 months in the NICU.  We went there every night and played Mozart and other music and had Kangaroo care.  Once their blood report showed reduced reticulocytes.  Immediately, the doctor asked me if it is ok to give Epogen.  I researched on it and found out it was absolutely unnecessary.  The babies were finally discharged. While ROP was detected in both the babies, only one baby needed to undergo surgery. 

Today, they are 2 and 1/2 years old, talking like anything, naughty like any other kids. 

One doesn't need to know much science but one need to take charge of her health while you are pregnant.  The greatest resource for me has been PubMed by the greatest scientific library of our times ).  I wish I could actively help since I am convinced the doctors have no clue about nutrition.  I suggest that you meet with nutrition specialist and get your all your thoughts cleared.  

God bless,