I'm SO tired.

So i'm about 4-7 weeks along and I woke up this morning and did some chores, and now I am EXHAUSTED. I feel like going back to sleep but I don't want to sleep too much, plus there is so much housework to be done. Should I just take a nap? or should I finish the housework first? Also, my body feels super weak and I lose concentration really fast.

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    I was WIPED OUT with my pregnancy!!!  I felt like such a wimp because at the time, I wasn't even showing yet.  I took little naps as needed and felt much better afterwards.  Remember, your body is working on a big job....rest is good!!  Housework will be there when you wake up!



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    Welcome to Share. Congratulations on your pregnancy. Leigh is right, the first trimester is pretty exhausting. For me it seemed as if I was either sleeping or nauseated. Here is a link to some Pregnancy info on the March of Dimes website. They usually have some good information and resources to help with these kinds of things.


    Best of Luck to you.


  • Hello and welcome to Share. Have you been to see your OB yet? That way you'd know exactly how far along you are, as there can be big differences in your energy level based on what trimester you're in.

    In general, the first trimester is pretty exhausting. There are those women that feel great and have tons of energy, but I don't know them. ;)  At your first OB visit, they will take several blood samples to test you for anemia, and other conditions. Bring this up just to make sure that everything looks good. Are you eating well? It takes a lot of energy and nutrition to grow a little human, so make sure that you are staying hydrated and eating good healthy food.

    If you are able to, my suggestion is to sleep as much as possible, but also let your OB know your concerns to make sure this is typical pregnancy fatigue.

    Congrats on your pregnancy!!