TTC and secondary infertility

Ok I am going to try to start this thread. I hope you all respond. It's a long lonely road. I'm confused and looking for hope. 

I will share my story....this is all new to us. In November 2011 we lost our baby at 12 weeks gestation. We have been trying ever since. I have done just about every test I could. Blood work, FSH at cd 3, HSG. All of my testingcame back normalincluding genetic testing. My hubby had a SA and genetic testing as well. His genetics came back fine as well. His SA was great- everything except morphology. 

We have seen 2 RE's. they bothas aid that IVF is the way we should go. However, I'm sure you know that IVF costs a ridiculous amount. I have 2 children from my previous marriage as dOes my hubby. So we know it isn't impossible to conceive or at least it was possible in the past. 

I am starting the 5 day clomid pills today and I have an appointment to go have the trigger shot on the 11th. 

Has anyone ever done this? What happened? I don't know what to expect. I read that my hubby can increase his morphology by adding vitamin C to his diet. I'm wondering if anyone has had success with this method as well as 

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