Preterm Labor or IC?

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I recently had a baby boy via emergency C- section Preterm at 24 weeks my first ever pregnancy last month(no prior miscarriages, no prior abortions) . After checking me and my placenta the doctors came to the conclusion that they don't know why I went into preterm labor there was no sign of infection and 3 days before I delivered my son my cervix was checked at my last ultrasound and it was long and closed I asked the tech to check my cervix vaginally at that appointment because I was feeling pressure. After she confirmed that my cervix was long I took my worries out of my mind and went home excited to receive the news that I had a healthy baby inside of me and that all that was left was to wait till he arrived.

Two days later I started getting what I thought were BH. I was worried but the nurses in the emergency room kept telling me I was OK that what I was feeling was normal because the machine they hooked me didn't register any contractions. I remember I didn't sleep for two nights because the pains were getting stronger, I prayed and took the pains like a champ since I had no water breaking, or mucous plug residue or any blood. On Friday of that week I woke up and went to the ER and was hooked to the machine that checked contractions and once again was told to go home after continuous pleading for almost 2 hrs  that I was in excruciating pain one of the nurses finally had the bright idea to check my cervix and low and behold I was already 4 CM dilated....Thats when everyone went into a panic and I was sent to the main hospital to deliver my son. I was put on Magnesium but it didnt work by the time I was at the big hospital I was 8 CM I was in full blown labor. Long story short my son didnt make it. :( 

I wanted to know if anyone here has had an experience similar to mine. Did any of you ever go into Preterm Delivery after Preterm Labor with rapid progression? For unknown reasons Could I have an incompetent Cervix or was my body just rejecting my pregnancy? Can it be both Preterm and IC? 

I'm so lost. :(

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    Welcome to Share. I am so sorry for the loss of your son. Like the other ladies above I have an incompetent cervix and I also experienced preterm labor. I did know prior to my pregnancy that because of a past biopsy that I had a shortened cervix. I had a cerclage placed and had normal ultrasounds until my water broke very unexpectedly. My cervix had dilated very quickly with little to no warning.

    My recommendation is to meet with a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist and discuss what happened with your pregnancy and how future complications can be prevented. We met with one and had a plan in place for my pregnancy before I was ever even pregnant and it gave us such piece of mind.


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    I'm very sorry for the loss of your baby. You are in my thoughts.

    Many hugs,


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    Hello and welcome to Share, I am so sorry for the loss of your little one.  I lost my twin girls after going into labor at 20 weeks.  I had had contractions for a few days but those were dismissed as Braxton Hicks until I showed up at the hospital and was already 4-5 cm dilated and delivered them early the next morning.  From what I understand when talking with my perinatologist it's a continuum between preterm labor and incompetent cervix and can be both just leaning more towards one side or another.  It's so tough not knowing the exact cause why we've lost our little ones and the unknown for what the future holds.  Many hugs to you.


  • Welcome to Share.  I am so sorry for your loss of your son. I went into labor with my twins at 26 weeks and one of my babies passed away. I didn't know I was in labor.  My very short cervix got picked up on a regular ultrasound and within 12 hours my babies were delivered. Magnesium didn't work for me either. We never figured out whether incompetent cervix caused the preterm labor or if I went into preterm labor which caused my cervix to shorten.  

    I know it is so hard not to have the answers you are looking for. Share has been a supportive and healing place for me.  We are all here for you.

    Lot of hugs,