Menstruation after C-section

I delivered a baby almost 2 months ago by emergency C-section and still have no sign of my period coming anytime soon I am not breastfeeding or anything and I already stopped bleeding from my C-section 2 weeks ago. Does any one who has had a C-section and is not breastfeeding experiencing this or have in the past? If so what could be the issue?and how long did it take for your period to come down?

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  • I agree with the others -- check with your doctors.
  • Yes, I too agree with Rebecca, as normally breastfeeding delays your periods but as you said that you are not breastfeeding than you may consult with a your gynecologist, she would recommend you proper medication for your normal menstrual cycle. Don't worry, It is just normal as you have just delivered your baby two months back.

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    I agree with Rebecca that if you are concerned you should reach out to your doctor. With that being said every woman is different and some women can take longer than others to have a normal menstrual cycle after child birth.


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    I had an emergency c-section and didn't breast feed. From what I can remember, I didn't get my period until after my baby came home from the NICU (three months after birth). If I had concerns I would ask my doctor. You doctor is really the only one who can answer this question for you accurately.