BASS FAMILY introducing ourselves!!

We are new to the website. We are hoping that we can become more involved and we are hoping that we can share our story in hopes it will help someone else in some way. Also we are hoping to help whether it be advocacy or maybe helping locally where we are.

We have 3 kids but 1, our youngest is our preemie whom was in the NICU and we were blessed by the help we received through the staff as well as March of dimes volunteers that made us smile during such a roller

Coaster of a time even though it was a blessing.  

Follow my profile to catch our story!!

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  • In reply to TrinitysMommy:

    Thank you! I just put my story up. (Hopefully came out decent when my thoughts were scattered) blog is started but not used to blogs so I have to get the hang of it.
  • I just read your profile and wanted to welcome you to SHARE! I am so glad you found us here. I would love to learn more about your 3 boys and more about your preemie! Have you considered starting a blog. I cant wait to hear more about you family.

    Much Love