Miracles DO happen......

In July my miracle grandson will turn four years old...His story is one of those with the happy ending....Lil man was born a MicroPreemie at 26 week. 1lb 10oz 12inches long...he was my birthday present, having been born the eve of my birthday in 2013. By the grace of God and the staff at Albany Medical Center in Upstate New York, he made his entrance into the world. They tried to keep him in utero for as long as possible but after three attempted arrivals they knew it was inevitable that his arrival would be so soon.

He was born vaginally and actually cried on his own. I should've known then that in itself was a positive note. He had some issues...the toughest was BPD (bronchopulmonary dysplasia). CPap was his way of life for awhile...eventually he was weaned down then off....his hearing and vision were appropriate....his brain/heart/kidneys/liver appropriate..it was just those tiny lungs that we would have to contend with. Plus he had to learn to suck/swallow better....Prayer was a daily and nightly thing....Every bit of progress...every positive result led to stepping up to the NICU pod matching his progress. Small miracles lived and breathed in the NICU.....But not for everyone. I was mindful of those babies and devastated for the families. Prayed for their lil angels and for them.

Lil man....or Bug, as i called him (even now) was in the NICU. @AMC until late October...just a few days prior to Halloween. Unfortunately/gratefully he was discharged with only an O2 dependency and an apnea monitor.

Luckily, he was free of his dependency by his first birthday....with the help of PT and OT he made strides in all areas and if you saw him today you would never know he was a micropreemie..hes just a lil on the short side but catching up. ...He has a wonderful personality and sense of humor...Every time he comes to visit, he runs and wraps his arms around me and says I WUV YOU GRAMMA! I missed you so much!

He then hops up on his Poppas lap and puts his head down on "his best friend" and makes his usual request " wheres my slim jims Poppa??"

I pray every day that this wee little boy who stole my heart much like his father did when i gave birth to him, continues to grow and thrive and become an amazing and productive member of society....and then i pray for those babies who were in his pods....and for all the drs and nurses who kept my lil Bugg alive...theirs is the hardest job of all....

Thank you for listening to my story. May God bless and keep your miracle in the palm of his hand.

Peace and Love,

"Bugg's Gramma"

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