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    Hey y'all!  I'm a mom to preemie twin angels Emilyn and Hailey who passed away shortly after they were born at 20w5d in November 2009.  Also mom to my son Elim, our full term miracle born at 38w3d in February 2011 and expecting another little one in November 2013!

  • Mommy of 2 preemies!
    Hello everyone! I'm an Broken Arrow mommie of 2 premature babies....well....they aren't babies anymore. Lincoln was born March 10, 2007 at 31 weeks and Lauren was born April 8, 2008 at 33 weeks. Both had no problems but to feed and grow. Lincoln was in the NICU for 25 days and Lauren was in for only 7. It's amazing the difference. But they are both healthy and so smart...you would never guess they were born premature. Until I had 2 I had never known anyone who had premature babies or even losses. I have a girlfriend you had her 1 baby girl at 28 weeks the same day that I had Lincoln so we had a support group just the 2 of us! I also have a girlfriend you lost 2 baby boys due to IC but with a successful TAC put in was able to have a beautiful baby girl.
    My heart goes out to all you preemie mommies who have babies in the NICU. Keep praying and know that God is with them. And those with angel babies you are in my thoughts and prayers.

    I've attached a pic of my kiddos!
  • Twenty six weeker with level 3 and 4 bleed
    Hi, I am new to this site and was hoping to meet other moms with similar stories. I have a beautiful baby boy born at twenty six weeks having a level three bleed on the left side and a level four bleed on the right. My husband and I were asked to withdrawal support for him when he was two days old. He will be seven months tomorrow and doing well.
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    I am an Oklahoma mommy. There doesn't seem to be many of us left though. I live in Bethany which is in the Oklahoma City metro area.
  • Fundraiser
    Hey everyone! I live in the OKC area and am trying to put together a consignment sale fundraiser to benefit the March of Dimes. I am looking for anyone who would like to be a consigner. We did a sale last August and it went well but I really need more people to consign items to sale. If you are interested please let me know and I can give you more information about it. Thanks!
    He I was just wondering if there was any oklahoma mommies on here anymore
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    Re: New from oklahoma
    hi my name is meagan

    if you want to drive to okc you can see my high risk dr he is really good he did averting for me untillhe could do no more if so let me know i will give you his number

  • New From Oklahoma
    Hi Everyone

    I am new to this site. My husband and I are first time parents to twin girls born at 28 weeks. They were born November 11, 2006.
    Kenli was born weighing 2lbs 6 oz and was 14.8 inches long and Kenzi weighed 2lbs 11 oz and was 15 inches long. Kenli had a harder time in the NICU. She was placed on NEC watch two different times and Kenzi just had the typical preemie behaviors. Those were the brady's and the apnea. They each had two blood transfusions. We were truely blessed not to have any other problems. We left our NICU family on January 4, 2007. The girls both came home on apnea monitors. They were both on those for 6 months. Kenli and Kenzi are now almost 9 months old. They are rolling every where, almost crawling, and cutting teeth. I thought the day would never come that I would get to bring my babies home. Now here they are. Time really does fly. My husband and I just want enveryone in this situation to remember to keep the faith. There will be many ups and downs. We know the rollar coaster ride you are on. So we would love to hear any stories anyone would like to share. Good luck to you all. God Bless.

    Danessa and Levi
  • Looking for Locals
    Hi, I am from OKC and want to find people from my area and maybe start a play group/ mommy day after my son is born next month. Just looking for local people to talk to.

  • New from oklahoma
    I am from weatherford, but right now I'm in the military and I won't be back out there til August, however, I just wanted to say hi to the oklahoma family. Also I was wandering if anyone knows of a good perinatologis tor High risk ob in my area. It's been so much trouble finding one. I jus tfound out I am pregnant a third time(1st lost to misc, 2 nd born 3mnths premature, died at 4mnths old) I am very nervous on this pregnancy. I don't want to loose another one, I don't think I could handle it. Sorry for the rambling.

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    Sorry I haven't been on here in a while. Soonerstart has been going okay just not making any progress with my 2 year old. She only says momma when she wants. Right now it is sometimes hard b/c I don't have my 3 month old. My sisters baby gives me some peace b/c I know Jocelyn is telling me that when I take care of my nephew that it is okay with her. If you want you can e-mail me any time (momof_4girls@yahoo.com). I will talk to you later. Misty :smile: :smile:

    i phone number and address removed
  • I am sorry to hear about your 3 month old. Thanks for welcoming me here. It is good to get to know other moms especially ones that have been through this same ordeal. How is Soonerstart going for you? We have another therapy appointment this coming week. Hopefully it will go well.
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    Hi my name is Misty. I am from Tulsa and I would like to say hello and welcome to Share. I have four girls but recently lost my 3 month old last year. My two year old is in SoonerStart. I like the Childrens Hospital there in OKC. Talk to you soon! Misty * littlemomof_4*
  • Caring and Sharing from the Big Bend March of Dimes Office
    Hi my name is Jennifer Bitner, and I am a member of the Big Bend Division March of Dimes Staff. We are busy getting ready for our local walks in Tallahassee and Quincy. We are excited to report that our " MOD family" includes many wonderful families from these areas, and we would like to extend the invitation to you.

    There are so many exciting ways to get involved and you decide when and how. From volunteering at events, speaking on our behalf, or walking as a Family Team, be assured there is a place for you and your family.

    Please feel free to contact me at the March of Dimes office at 850-422-3152 for more information.

    I hope to meet you soon!
  • Also from Oklahoma
    I just wanted to say hello and put myself out here. I am from Oklahoma also.....near OKC. I have b/g twins that turned 19 months old yesterday. They were born 6 weeks early and spent only 10 days in the NICU. They weighed 4.12 lbs. and 4.4 lbs. and were 18.75 inches at birth.

    On their due date, my daughter became very ill and was checked into Children's Hospital at the OU Med Center. She was there for 2 weeks. She had Pyloric Stenosis but it took them nearly 2 weeks to diagnose it b/c she was a preemie. She had to have a central line put in b/c she nearly died of dehydration at 7 weeks of age. Now she is doing fine but b/c of being a preemie and b/c of her setbacks at such an early age, she has had to overcome some obstacles. She started Soonerstart at 5 mos. of age and is still active in it although she is about get graduated out!

    Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself to all you other Okies out there. :smile: