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    Hey again Laura!

    I posted on the "new here" entry as well to say Welcome to Share! I'm from GA and visit SC often so I wanted to say HEY again!! We may be closer to one another than we know.... :smile:

    If you click on a name on the "who's online" list and delete that name an type in my screen name, you can Instant Message me. I'll get it when I log back in which is usually multiple times a day. I'd love to know what part of SC you live...I promise I'm not a stalker in fact I'm a teacher so I have to have background checks.... :sillygrin: You can also click on my screen name and the email address given and I can email you back.

    Again, welcome to Share!!
    Tracy :grin:
  • Luke's Mom
    I am new to this forum and am not really sure if this is the right way to go about this but here goes....
    My son was a 30 weeker born in 2008. Most of his medical issues are fortunately resolving but developmentally we are in therapy 4 times a week at the moment. The reason I am posting is that I am looking for a local support group or even just another mom to talk to who has had a similar experience in have a preemie. I have been really struggling lately with the whole experience and feel I am just now able to focus on finding some help to deal with all of the stress we have been through. I am in the upstate in SC and have not had any luck finding anything like this yet, and could really use some help if anyone knows of anything - or could offer some help I would greatly appreciate it!
  • im in goose creek
    my son was in the nicu at musc for seven months and never came home. he eventually died there. i dont trust drs like how i used to and truely believe they are the cause of his death and down fall. because of them im lonely once again when it took me so long to get pregnant. i miss my son and its only been a month and a half since his death. I wish this grief on no one.
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    Re: Anyone in the lowcountry!
    Hi I live in Beaufort and I am having a problem getting in touch with anyone as well. Did you ever have any luck? I am a new mom to twin girls born at 25 weeks. Our one daughter lived 4 days and our other daughter is still in the NICU going on 2 months. I would love to get involved but am not sure who else to contact.
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    First of all, congratulations on your new little one! I love the name Olivia, I am sure she is a beautiful baby!

    Second, welcome to SHARE! I live in the Greenville area, my daughter Amanda was born at Greenville Memorial. She is now 9 years old and was born at 26 weeks.

    Third, you can contact the Upstate office at 235-8576 to see what events are coming up in the Upstate. I think the next BIG event will be March for Babies (formerly WalkAmerica). I am sure they would welcome your help in the Spartanburg area or even Greenville for that matter!

    You can also visit Volunteerland to find more ways to help.

    Again, welcome and congratulations!

  • Anyone in Spartanburg?
    Hi I am new to this site and I was just wondering if anyone had there baby at Spartanburg Regional. I was also wondering if anyone knew of any March of Dimes things that I could become involved with in the Spartanburg/Greenville area. I recently became a mom to Olivia who was born at 31 weeks weighing 2lbs. and 8 oz. Thank you!!!
  • Anyone in the lowcountry!
    Hi! My name is Laverne. My husband and I have recently returned to the area from western Illinois where we have lost 7 beautiful babies. One daughter, Cassy, was born at 22 weeks 3 days b/c of IC. We actually didn't know why until 6 weeks ago. Strange since she was born 8/17/06?! When Cassy was born we were told that it was unknown as to why she was born so early, maybe IC, maybe premature labor, maybe an infection. Well when we arrived in town my first phone call I made was to MUSC to make an appt. w/ a peri. According to her, I had all the classic symptoms of IC and she was puzzled as to why I was told they didn't know why we lost Cassy. I would like to get involved with a local chapter but am finding it hard to locate one here in the lowcountry. Anyone with any info for me would be helpful. Thank-you. P.S. our other 6 losses have been due to prothrombin gene mutation. Wicked stuff.
  • Hey everybody!
    I'm not an SC girl, but I'm right across the line in Georgia. I'm exactly 45 mins. from Anderson, SC and 45 mins. from Athens, GA.... I can't cheer for the Tigers or Gamecocks, but if anyone would like to talk, I'm here as well!! :sillygrin:
    Tracy :grin:
    P.S. Almost forgot the most important part....mom to 27 weekers, Taylor Rose (2 lbs. 2 oz.--lived 15 hours) and her twin sister Ansley Kate (1 lb. 4 oz.---a happy, healthy 4 year old now!!)
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    Welcome to Share, Amanda! I kinda like that name! My daughter, Amanda, was born at Greenville Memorial 9 years ago at 26 weeks, 1 lb. 7.4 oz. I hope Hunter is doing well!!! Let me know if there is anything I can do. We still live in the Upstate!

  • hunters Story
    I am new and my name is Amanda just thought I would tell the story of my miracle Hunter. I was placed on bedrest in the hospital @ 22 wks due to premature rupture of membranes. I stayed there for about 6 weeks when Hunter decided he could not wait any longer. He was born on 10-26-2006 weighing in a huge 3lbs and 14 1/4 in..(huge for a 27 wker). He was born with sepsis. We almost lost him in the first few days quite a few times. Later we learned that he developed a IVH grade II, which caused him to have hydrocephalus(water on the brain). He had to have a shunt placed when he got to 4 lbs. They placed it and all was good for about 3 days. Then it got infected... menegitis. So they removed that shunt gave him the 14 days of antibiotics.. during this time he was having seizures due to menegitis. So he was placed on seizure meds.. Finally we got to bring him home on Dec 28 06....He had to re enter the hospital for another shunt placement on Feb 12 07 and ever since he has been growing like a weed. I dont know if I said but he was born at Greenville Memorial in upstate SC.
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    Hey, Tammy!

    Wow...you have been through it ALL, haven't you? I knew I was finished trying after Amanda was born at 26 weeks, weighing 1 lb. 7.4 oz. I cannot imagine dealing with all that you have been through.

    I would encourage you to find someone to talk to, what you are dealing with...actually even one of the things you have had to deal with...would put even the strongest person down. You can find lots of help on the internet, but there is something more powerful in that face to face contact.

    Welcome to Share!
    Michele...another SC mom
  • S.C. Mom
    Hello..My name is Tammy Kelley and i have lived in Charleston,and at Edisto Beach and now have lived in Leesville S.C.for almost 10 years.....My oldest son Casey was born at MUSC hospital in 1990...he was born with Gastroschesis and was in the NICU fro 4 and half months...He is now almost 17 and leads a pretty normal life.....In 1992 i found out that my 2nd baby was a girl and she had ANACEPHOLIC...I had her at MUSC on July 21st and she had already passed away.. I had my 3rd baby ...A BOy....on february 25th 1996 and i am happy to say he was healthy and is 11 years old.....His name is Cyle.....I had a miscariage in 2001 at 3 months and found out i was pregnant again in 2005....My pregnancy was perfect and he was so healthy and big....BUt..................2 days before i was suppose to have him....He was strangled by his umbilical cord and i had a c-section done at RICHLAND hospital on Nov.2nd...He was 8lb 3oz and so beautiful....we buried him on Nov.6th at the Woodrige Memorial cemetary off of 378.....It has truley been the most painfull thing we have been through.....it has taken a toll on all of us..........I just miscaried 2 weeks ago and i was 9 weeks pregnant..............I think it is time to stop.........my mind and body is so tired and i am a emotional basket case........I never seeked out counseling for any of this ...but the internet has helped me out alot..........And i have gone through all of this without depending on antidepression drugs.....all my family and friends and doctors kept telling they would help me...but i knew with time i would be okay...somedays i believe myself.....If there is anybody here in S.C.that would like to talk..i would love the company.........Tam9096@pbtcomm.net..........Love to all...Tammy Kelley.......
  • rally at joe riley stadium
    hey gals
    my name is Genevieve Skipper. I am a volunteer out of the lowcountry division office down here in charleston. I have been doing this since september of 2002. I am a survivor of both hydrocephalus and mylomeningocele, and chiari malformation type1.I wanted to volunteer for the march of dimes to not only give back to the organization that saved my life, but also to put some more volunteer as well as community experience on my resume. the charleston office will have their rally on the 7th! and the walk is the 28th of april. If any of you south carolina gals would like to email me, you can off of here. my email adress is:salliebelle@comcast.net
  • Go, SC!
    Hey, Jessica!

    Thank you so much for starting this on Share. What a great way to get the word out about SC events!

    We are looking forward to Walk in Greenville, hopefully the weather will be beautiful and the turn out will be great. It is always a fun time for the whole family.

    Thanks for all you do, Jessica and the rest of the SC staff!