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  • Avera McKennan 2010
    Hi all, My name is Cyndi and my daughter is currently in the NICU at Avera McKennan in SF. I was just wondering if there is anyone else out there with babies in the NICU in SF.
  • Some days are better than others. Michael has ADHD,anxiety and reflux. When he was younger he had apnea, blood infections, and his tonsils removed(he was 4-1 when he was born.) Garrett has constant issues he was 3-3. He's had 4 surgeries(2 hernias, tonsils,and ear tubes) He also has ADHD but also has asthma,scoliosis, OCD,sensory issues, dyslexia,seizures,constipation and now 3wks ago was finally diagnosed with mild spastic cerebral palsy (which was a relief to finally have all this make sense). I read Ella's story, what a little gift! I'll keep you guys in my prayers. You know we all need all the help we can get. Take care.
  • Ella never made it into the new unit so we have only seen pics. It sure would of been a better living area. Only so much of the Ronald McDonald House. I loved it but would of much rather profered to be with her.
    Glad to hear your boys are older. How are they doing?

  • Another From SD!
    Hello! I'm a mother of 10 yr old twin boys born at 33 weeks born at Avera Q of P. It's great to know were not alone. I also saw the pictures of SV NICU. When I had the boys that was were they were on standby to go ,thankfully they didn't have to since I wasn't in any shape to go with. :sillygrin:
  • glad to have another one
    I have seen the outside of the new NICU and the inside thru pics. Stopped today so show her off and they just dont believe its her. just had her developemental review and she is a typical 6 month old, her adjusted age. Just fine tuning her sitting.

    Lori of Huron
  • we are here
    It's good to hear from some one else from SD. My triplet boys were in SV NICU also, longest was 52 days. They are amazing there aren't they, I would high recommend SV to anyone. Have you visited their new NICU? Wow that unit is very nice. Glad to hear all is well, watch out don't give her to much miracle grow, mine are growing to fast. HA. :smile:
  • anyone else there
    Wondering if anyone in SD is around to share with. Our Daughter, Ella, was born at 24.5 wks gestation, weighing 1.15 lb and 14 1/2 in long. I went into labor on Oct 10 and she was born on the 16 at Sioux Valley in SF. At the young age of 5 days she had her PDA closed and on the 21st of Dec will undergo exploratory surgery to see how her bowels look. She was diagnosed with a partial obstruction in the small intestines and they think she may be healing it herself. She is an amazing 4lb, and 16 in long. We were joking around about miracle grow and it seems that she found some.