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    MEMPHIS !! I'm in Memphis
  • i love in Palmersville, Tn about an hour and a half from Jackson, Tn where my little one was born and stayed. He was at the Jackson Madison county General Hospital for 2 months 8 days. He was born at 29 weeks and weighed 2 lbs 12 oz
  • Re: how far away?
    I used mapquest and it's about 3 hours away.
  • how far away?
    i'm from Ripley TN. How far away are we from one another?
  • Get local/Tennessee
    Anyone here from Tennessee?
  • I'm from memphis TN any others? My baby boy was born early @34.5 wks due to low to no fluid and IUGR. He only weighed 2lbs 9oz @ birth and now @ 4 months is up to 10 lbs. :smile: :smile:
  • Is anyone still here?
    I live in Atoka, Tn. about 20 minutes from Memphis....I see that it's been awhile since anyone posted to this discussion, is anyone still here in Tn.? The picture was taken on Super Tuesday when we had all of the tornadoes. Heather.
  • Anyone from the Nashville area?
    I'm looking for POP in the Nashville area. My son was born at Centennial Women's Hospital in 2006. I'm hoping to find new friends in our area.

  • Re: Love your photos
    Hi JoEllen,
    My son was born at Centennial Womens's in Nashville. I just checked out your site and loved the pictures. I am wanting to get some pictures with my son, niece and nephew. Do you have a business number for me to contact you at?

  • Hi Everyone!
    Hi! My name is JoEllen Gilbert. I live in Columbia, TN. I have a 3 year old and a 10 month old. Both were born at 37 weeks (not really pre-term). I had pre-term labor with both. My 2nd, Janie Beth had to spend 3 days in the NICU at Vandy. She was referred to as the big baby at 6 lbs 3oz. I got just a taste of what it is like to have a sick newborn.
    I stay at home and I am also a professional photographer. check out my website at www.gilbertphoto.smugmug.com
  • I know there is one in Memphis at Shelby Farms, I don't know if there's one in Nashville or not. I'd think there would be a seperate one in Nashville but I'm not sure on that.
  • i want to do the walk but want more info on it is it going to be in memphis or nashville? How is ur baby doing?
  • Memphis?
    Anyone around from the Memphis area or Shelby County area? It'd be nice to find some other people to talk to nearby..
  • Hendersonville TN
    Hello! My name is Lori and my son was born at 25 weeks! Jan. 17th, 2006.. 1lb 12oz..13 1/2inches...He spent 99 days in baptist Hospital (Nashville TN)! anyone doing Walk America downtown this year???-Lori