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  • I know this is a really old post but... I live in Riverton Utah and Sugarhouse
  • Mom to Kaden(7) Lucy(2) and Jaxon(2mos)
    Is anyone out there having problems with their older kids acting out for attention? We have been home from the PCMC NICU for almost 3 weeks and my older kids are driving me crazy... I don't know how to be a mom to 3 when I have a baby that requires more attention then a "normal" baby. Atleast what my normal is anyways....
  • Hi! What a cutie you have. I went through your blog a little bit. Mine is "my lil angels". Everything is going pretty good right now. I am 22 weeks pregnant and things are going well. We found out the baby has a cleft lip/palate. It was really hard for me to deal with at 1st but its not seeming so bad now. I know the other obstacles we could face instead. I'm hoping to make it to 36 weeks this time.
    How are things going for you? hows your little girl?
    Take care!
  • I'm here!! And I'm happy to see you're here too. I'm not the only utahn! How is everything going for you? You can check out our story by going up top and typing in sweet samantha in the find a discussion box. :) Take care.
  • I check here every once in a while for other utahns. Any of you out there?
  • Other Utah Parents Out There

    I'm looking for anyone else on here from Utah..... It seems like I'm the only one :eek: Here's a photo of my little one Samantha. She was born weighing 1 lb. 0 oz. and was 11 inches long. You can read more about her story,
    i Sweet Samantha
    on my blog through this website. I had her at University of Utah hospital and am wondering if any of you have had your children there too? Let me know. Thanks
  • congratulation to you too!! isnt it so nice to have them home, with you!! good luck with everything!! :grin:
  • Congratualtions!
    He is sure a cutey! I love the way he locks eyes on people! I'm glad he's home and doing well. My little girl just came home too after 5 1/2 months at U of U hospital and a 2 week stay at Primary's. Good luck to you both :)
  • hey, my son zach is a 23 wkr, we had him at utah valley reg med ctr. They did such a great job, he was transferred up to primary's when he perforated ahis intestine, and once he healed from that he went back down to utah valley. He is doing great now, he is 8mo and getting so so big!! we live in proo
  • support group
    Hello.. I am Nancy mom to Tyler who is a 25 weeker. I would like to start a support group. If anyone is interested please contact me at nancy@port21.com or at nancylabrum@yahoo.com

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    Re: Utah
    It's really nice to see people on here from Utah. I had a baby 7 weeks ago up at the U. They life flighted me from Jordan Valley to the U and I had her 5 days later. She weighed 1 pound and was 11 inches long. She has done really well so far, she's just had a lot of infections. I'm hoping to get to hold her for the first time around Christmas. I wouldn't ever have another baby anywhere but at the U. I felt really safe up there.
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    Re: Utah
    I too am happy to see someone else lives in utah! I just had a baby 7 weeks ago up at the U. They life flighted me from Jordan Valley up there and I had her 5 days later. She weighed 1 pound and was 11 inches long. She's doing pretty good tho I can't wait to get her off the vent and hold her. I also will never have a baby anywhere besides the U...
  • from vernal
    Hi I'm Terrie from Vernal, I had a 27 weeker born March 7th 2006. She stayed at University of Utah NICU from March 7th-May 2nd 2006. She weighed 2 lbs 7 oz and was 15 inches long at birth. Now we moved back to vernal after our 2 month stay in NICU and she weighs 7 lbs 3.5 oz and is 20 inches long! :smile:
  • Re: My 25 weeker
    Glad to see you came here Nancy!! Everyone you talk to will be invaluable. Read the blogs they are great, go to the community center it is lots of fun and there is a folder in parent to parent called medical conditions of our children and will have info about IVH's.

  • My 25 weeker
    I had tyler 14 weeks early and he is doing well for his age and problems. We have IVH, hydrocephalus, and ROP stage three. He doing well and gaining wait. He is without oygen. He has his own website at port21.com/baby