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  • New to page.............
    Is there anyone here from Norfolk area? My name is Angela and my daughter Jessika was born preterm at 34 weeks, she has some complications but is doing good. just wanted to meet other moms in the area. Also wanted to see if I could raise some money to help March ofDimes, i can't do any of the walks due to my own health issues but was hopeing to help in other ways.
    Jessika is 5 months old now

  • Optima Parents
    Hey guys, I was just woundering... if there were any parents in here who has Optima for their insurance. When Kaitlyn was born, they placed her in a program with our insurance, which we have Optima, and they followed her progress. I loved the program! In fact the other day the case worker closed out of case because Kaitlyn is doing so well. BUT... we also work for the same company that owns Optima, so we were just curious to see if other families that have the ins were also enrolled into the program. Hope everyone is doing well!
  • Introduction

    My name is Jennifer. I live in Alexandria, VA(Northern Virginia).
    I am 46 years old. I was born with Spina Bifida. It is fairly mild as my spinal defeat is at the lower sacral/lumbar region. However, I was recently diagnosed with tethered cord via MRI. This after getting an EMG/NCV(nerve tests). This means that my spina bifida defeat is attached to my spinal cord which is making it tethered(stretched)and causing numbness, tingling, and extreme redness in my lower legs and on both feet. The neurologist did not recommend surgery because I could possibly have a poor outcome as a result. I recently went through several months of physical therapy which concentrated on stretching/strengthening and balance exercises. I am trying to keep up a routine of doing the prescribed exercises while at home.

    I'm excited about "meeting" others in this group. By the way, is anyone in the group from Northern Virginia?

  • Walk in November for PREMATURITY MONTH
    TO all the fellow Va Beachers!! There is a walk in Chesapeake on November 3. You can go to and sign up for it at Walkamerica.org. Just in case you did not make it to the on in April this is your chance to get out there and do for all the *special* children in your life or someone elses. If anyone need to look at a webite here is my page www.walkamerica.org/nicksmom93. Hope see you all there!!
  • Encouragemt Feeding Program in Virginia??
    Does anyone know about the Encouragement Feeding Program of the University of Virginia?

    My daughter had oral aversion, is eating some orally but we still using a GI tube to supplement.

    She still on therapy and her ST strongly suggested to take her to that program in VIrginia that is very intense and last 2 weeks...but before making a decision I'd love to hear any feedback from another parents, good or bad experiences...

  • Re: Hey everyone!
    Hi there! I wanted to pop in & say hi to a fellow Virgina Beacher!! I regret that i wasn't at this years walk, so unlike me, but hear it was a great success!!

    Would love to talk with you more and see more of little sweet Kaitlyn!!

  • To God Heals
    I don't know which one is closer to you, but here is what I found...

    Virginia Chapter

    Address: 10128-A West Broad Street

    Glen Allen, VA, 23060

    Phone: (804) 968-4120

    Fax: (804) 968-4325

    Email: VA474@marchofdimes.com

    Divisions of Virginia

    Central Virginia Division

    Address: 10128-A West Broad Street
    Glen Allen, VA, 23060
    Phone: (804) 968-4120
    Fax: (804) 968-4326

    Greater Blue Ridge Division

    Address: 4504 Starkey Road, SW #120
    Roanoke, VA, 24014
    Phone: (540) 989-8030
    Fax: (540) 989-0752

    Greater Danville Division

    Address: 2323 Riverside Drive, Suite Q
    Danville, VA, 24540
    Phone: (434) 797-5977
    Fax: (434) 793-1957

    Greater Hampton Roads Division

    Address: 860 Greenbriar Circle, Suite 502
    Chesapeake, VA, 23320
    Phone: (757) 361-0000
    Fax: (757) 361-0149

    Piedmont-Shenandoah Valley Division

    Address: 1356 South Main Street
    Harrisonburg, VA, 22801-9663
    Phone: (540) 434-7789
    Fax: (540) 432-6867
  • How do I get started in Richmond,VA.
    Every since my son was born I knew I was suppose to share my testimony. I would like to find out how to help others that are where I once was. I would love to opportunity to be a blessing to others. I am located in Richmond, VA. By any chance can someone tell me who I need to contact and what I need to do?

    Thank you.
  • Hey everyone!
    I didnt know that we had this little area just for VA parents! This is awsome! Im from VB and will be walking in the walk at the oceanfront on April 29th. My little girl was born 8 weeks early and stayed in Virginia Beach General NICU for 26 days. she's now at 8lb 12 oz. I cant wait to see the other moms and nurses from the NICU on the 29th!
  • WalkAmerica 2007
    Great! I see we are walking in City Center this year instead of in Newport News Park. Should be better for all the strollers, although I liked the walk thru the woods.
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    Re: Virginia Beach WalkAmerica 2006
    Sharon we'll be walking in the newport news walk that day as well, we walked in williamsburg last year due to the baby not doign well when they did the newport news walk, i look forward to talking with more peninsula families.
  • Help with peds. Dr in Virginia
    I am trying to help my friend who is moving to Sterling Virginia. She has a little boy and is looking to find a good peds Dr. She is having a problem because the Dr. she uses now is family and hates the idea of trying to find someone else. I guess it doesn't help that she is moving so far away and knows no one. That is why I said I would ask on here. Who else would know good Dr.'s than everyone on this site. So any info. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Re: Virginia Beach WalkAmerica 2006
    I'll be walking in the Peninsula walk that day. Hope we have good weather this year and another great turnout!

  • Attn all Hampton Roads Virginians:
    Comedy Club for March of Dimes:

    Thoroughgood Comedy Club
    Sunday, April 23rd

    Tickets $10 each

    "Laugh-Off" - 3 comedians who promise lots of laughs
    100% of proceeds to benefit March of Dimes

    For more information, contact Michelle Emerson at

    Here is the comedy club link for directions: Thoroughgood Comedy Clug

    This is from Michelle:

    "We all think this will be fun. I know first hand that when you have had a premature baby there is little time for laughter. Knowing that laughter can sometimes be the best medicine for moms and dads; I am thankful that the owners are allowing this fundraiser to happen. We are looking for a SOLD OUT night."
  • Virginia Beach WalkAmerica 2006
    It's time to get busy forming family teams for our local WalkAmerica. Please visit www.walkamerica.org to do that & sign up...if you need help....contact me through Share or e-mail me at Sharlene_2@shareyourstory.org.

    Our walk is April 30th....9am!! SAVE THE DATE!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope to hear from y'all soon & looking forward to a great Walk 2006!!

    Hugs!!! :smile: