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  • Hello! I am the mom to twin boys born at 25 weeks, they were born at a whopping 1 pound 6 ozs and 1 pound 11 ozs. They were born in Billings, Montana( we live in Powell, WY) and life flighted to Denver, Co to Childrens Hospital NICU, we stayed there for the next 6 months. My boys were born December 27, 2011 and they were discharged on July 13, 2012. Both are home and thriving and doing very well!
  • GrandMother to a 24 and 34 weeker
    Hi All,
    I am from Casper, WY and am the GrandMother to a 24 weeker and a 34 weeker.
    My Grand daughter was born Nov. 1st 2007 here in Casper, WY and was air-evacuated to Pres St Lukes in Denver, CO.
    She spent tilll April 1st, 2008 there.
    But she is with us today and doing good.

    I then just got custody of my Grandson who was born at 34 weeks.
    He spent 15 days in NICU at University of Utah Hospital.
    he was born on Mother's Day this year, 2009.
  • Looking for other Wyoming Parents of Preemies
    We are looking to start a Wyoming Support Group to help ease the transition for other families into premature parenthood. Our daughter Quincy was born prematurely this summer at 29 weeks weighing 1 pounds 11.5 ounces. She was air-evacuated from Cheyenne Regional Medical Center to Denver's Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Center. We commuted daily back and forth from Cheyenne to Denver in order to ensure breastmilk was delivered to her during her seven weeks in Denver. Thankfully we also had family and friends make a "milk run" to Denver for us. Our daughter was transferred back to Cheyenne Regional Medical Center where she remained for 2 more weeks. She is now home and growing and thriving like a champ. We look forward to networking with other families with preemie babies.
  • Anyone in Wyoming?
    I've got a lot of family there, it's a beautiful place to live. :) Even though I don't live in Wyoming I am always happy to chit chat because I know the state well. :)

    Take care and GO POKES!