Pregnant and nervous


I am on my third pregnancy and ten weeks along

I am very scared!  I have a maternal fetal specialist I will become best friends with as they put it and my regular o.b.

This is the first pregnancy that I am considered high risk. I was told as a precaution we will have numerous high resolution ultrasounds done as well as genetic testing. My bf hasthree heart conditions and this is our first child together.

They are kawasawkis. Marphanes syndrome and ellier stanlos. I apologize for the messed up spelling!  

Second reason I am high risk is because I am on an opiate dependency treatment program it is subutex. I am so scared because I was told i am going to need to tour the nicu and prepare as a precaution

My doctors seem to be very positive and encouraging

I am so scared! Any other mommas that have similar experience?

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  • Hello and congratulations! I think It would be better if you knew what's going on inside of you. You're nearing the 12th week of pregnancy:, so look through more information about the fetus during this period (especially with these particular complications you're dealing with). When I know what to expect it calms me down. Maybe, it'll work for you as well. Good luck!

  • Hi Laura Marie, Congratulations on your pregnancy! I didn't have a similar experience to yours however I do have experience being in the NICU. I was completely healthy and having a normal pregnancy but my twins were born at just 25 weeks. They were in the NICU for 101 days before they could come home but today they are totally happy, healthy 8 year olds. If your child has to go to the NICU don't worry. The doctors and nurses there will take wonderful care of your baby. I hope that doesn't need to happen but if it does then your child will be well taken care of. Best of luck!