1st premie

Hi all

My doc decided to take my baby at 34 weeks  due to my preeclampsia

Bp 180s/90s


Protein in urine

Weight gain

All of which started at 32 weeks

Prior to that I was working out 2-3 days a week

& didn't have any issues

Because my baby is early, a late premie I'm told

She's in NICU at st Francis

She has no fat to insulate her

Her body temp keeps falling so she remains in a incubator

I'm here to visit and nurse/feed her daily for hours at a time be used I want to bond and it's stressful not having her home with me

Today one of the nurses tells me not to hold her and leave her in the incubator... Because of her temps

NO ONE has said this prior and immediately I'm annoyed and frustrated!!!!!

Prayers please