Baby Ethan

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It was a Monday morning June 6th I was sitting at my desk at work when all the sudden I had to sneeze I thought I had peed on myself so I went to my manager in tears asking her if I can go home to change because I thought I had peed myself. Being 33 weeks I did not think I was going into labor. I went to the restroom because I wanted to see if I can go to the bathroom and I did however I still kept getting wet and realized that it was my water that had broke. I drove myself to the emergency room where they did a test to make sure it was my water that had broke and the results were positive. I had called my boyfriend to let him know that my water broke and even he said but you're only 33 weeks. 15 minutes later he met me at the hospital where they had told us both that I would need to go to the University of Chicago because I was too early to be having the baby. So I was not having contractions and I was not dilating they told me that we could try and deliver the baby on Sunday by c section (first c section). However Tuesday morning that all changed when baby Ethan's heart rate dropped to 80 and it took about a minute and a half to get back up in range. And that's when the doctors decided to do a C-section right away and they also said that he was breech. So on Tuesday June 7th 2016 I gave birth at 11:17 to a 4 pound 1.8 ounce and 16 inches long baby Ethan Joseph. Right away they brought him to the NICU where he spent 5 days then they brought him up to the 4th floor of the NICU unit and each day he continues to do very well however his weight dropped and as of now he weighs 3 pounds 14 ounces. This has definitely been tough. Ethan has had his ups and downs and at times his heart rate still drops. Today we are still here, hes fighting jaundice and needs to gain weight. We are hoping to go home in about 10 to 14 days but thats all up to Ethan. Everyday is a battle but Ethan does not disappoint.

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  • Welcome to Share.  Congrats on the Arrival of your sweet Ethan!  I hope that Ethan will meet his milestone to make it home soon.  Please update us when you can!

    Much Love