Mommy of a 28week old preemie

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Hello everyone! I am new here and would like to share my story.. It started in March of 2015 when my husband and I found out we were expecting our 2nd child, I was working a full-time job up until late May. I started experiencing blurred vision, headaches that I couldn't get to go away, throwing up all the time, I was losing weight, and swelling up bad. I left my job because I could barely get out of bed let alone do anything by myself. We were doing alright until September came around.. The days kept getting worse and I had my baby shower on a Saturday September 12 to be exact, I was having a rough day trying to enjoy the shower my mom threw but I just couldn't even smile. I was having contractions, I thought they were Braxton Hicks but they kept getting stronger and closer together. So I stuck it out not thinking anything was wrong.. Midnight came that night and I couldn't handle the pain and being light-headed anymore. My husband, daughter and I loaded up and went to a hospital closes to us. I told them I felt like I was in labor and they admitted me to a room to do further testing which my bp was 210/130. That's when everything really went downhill, I found out I had pre-eclampsia and had to deliver asap! The hospital we went to didn't have a NICU so I had to be transported. I rode in an ambulance for about an hour to the nearest hospital with a NICU and that ride was the worst experience I had ever had.. Not knowing what was about to happen. We got to the hospital and within an hour after testing and having an emergency c-section my son was out and we could both recover.. But he wasn't breathing and I was in a haze andcouldnt help him because of his condition. They took him to another room while I was being sewed up and finally I heard a cry and scream. I've never been so happy to hear a baby cry, he was 12 inches long and only weighed 2lbs 6oz. I was put in a postpartum room and their I stayed for 6 days :( My bp wouldn't go down or level out, each day was harder than the next knowing my son would be over an hour away from us while we're at home. I kept hoping to stay one more day at the hospital. I never got to touch him or hold him til he was exactly a week old, my heart sank when I first held him. Wishing I could help this tiny baby that was no where near ready to be out of my tummy. He was out in this world trying everyday to survive. After a long 2month rollercoaster ride of him being in NICU, the day finally came for him to come home. My husband and I were crying in happiness. Its been a year since this happened and he is a little firecracker! I just want families to knowthat their is hope and you have to keep praying, some days are way better than others! Thank you for reading this and hearing my story, god bless you and your family!

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