Naveenah 2 1/2 months premature

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On July 8 I woke up having contractions 2 minutes apart and bleeding. I was in the hospital for two days trying to stop my labor. They released me on July 10. They thought it was under control.  Within an hour of leaving the hospital I started bleeding really bad.  My placenta has separated from my uterus and ruptured.  I had to have an emergency c section and lost 32% of my blood. I almost died which was my worst fear.  My baby girl Naveenah Elizabeth Spurlock was born at 2'9 and 15' long.  Its been over a month and she is still in the Nicu.  Bills are piling up and I wasn't healing like I should and now I have to start work tomorrow at the dollar general to try to make ends meet even though I'm not healed yet. I have 3 boys from my first marriage they are 12 6 & 2 and I'm trying to pump regularly because she can't eat yet

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