My premature girl who didn't make it

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I found out I was pregnant and I was already 5 months far!!!

I was 18 and my boyfriend 19!!!

I gave birth in my 6 month ...that's 4 months to early !!!

We were in NICU for 3 months!!!

We had hard times our baby had PDA is an hole in the heart she went for test and she went up and down with her weight born 940 grams dropped to 430 grams and then in the third month she stopped to breath when we were at KMC the last stage before home weight 1.56 kg!!! We were rushed to a other hospital !!! After a week in a coma and on machines keeping her a life they told us they must put the machines off there's no hope!!! Isabella Janita Mercia Westcott is an angel in heaven and she will always be rembered !!

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