Birth of 2 Blessings

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Eleven years ago at Christmas Eve I asked God to bless me with a child. I stood in a church decorated for Christmas and all I smelled was pine. I was totally at peace. Soon enough I was pregnant. I loved this baby so much. I found out I was to have a son. I was so excited. I named him Brendan Enrique. Brendan because I am Irish, and Enrique after my brother Benjamin Enrique who passed away in the Army. Fast forward eight months instead of nine months It was time. I had a crash C-section after an amniocentesis was done.He was born at 35.4 weeks as a result of Acute fatty Liver of Pregnancy which almost took my life. He was born with Pneumonia and stayed 5 days in a Boston Hospital and then was transferred to be closer to me and did not come home for 2 weeks. He had tracheal malasia, needed eat tubes. He was different then most babies.Nurses told me he only cried when another baby was in pain, otherwise he was quiet and wide eyed. Brendan was a miracle twice. When he was six months old he stopped breathing and had no pulse. He died, and came back to me because his biological dad performed CPR. The hospital told me it was an ALTE. That stands for Acute Life Threatening Event. I held him lifeless in my arms, and he came back to me. Brendan is now eleven and an old soul. He to this day can't stand seeing anyone hurt. He's is very religious and empathetic. Everyday he asks me if I need anything before he goes to bed. He loves Star Wars and loves to read. He has been diagnosed with ADHD and he has a intellectual disability that the doctors think is from the lack of oxygen when he stopped breathing. He is also very smart and he helps his grandparents every weekend. He loves being outside and loves animals. He has a special way of communicating with animals. I am so proud to call him my son.He makes A's and B's and started a Star Wars group at his school. The second Story is about Anastasia Marie. Her story starts ten years ago. I prayed for a little girl so Brendan could have a sibling. I wanted them to be best friends and to this day they are. Anastasia came early at eight months 35.5 weeks. She had low sugar and she was Tachycardic. She also later developed Jaundice. She was a happy baby with thick black curls and blue eyes. I almost died having her. I had Acute Fatty Liver of Pregnancy. When she was born my doctor told me she was hanging on by a thread. He said if we waited one more minute it would have ended in tragedy.  She came home at 5 days old. She is now 10 years and a little spit fire. She has always been a fighter since birth. She loves animals and the outdoors and is also an old soul. She like sPokemon, Shopkins, and Nums Nums. She can sing very well and can make anything out of anything. She is really good at drawing. Two months ago she was diagnosed with ADHD combined type. She has really great grades. She loves scary rides and scary movies and loves Christmas. She is my mini me. Both children have brought me such joy and continues to bring me joy everyday. By the way Starzy is Anastasia's nickname and Bwens is Brendan's nickname. Hugs Jess


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  • Thank you for sharing your story with us.  I saw the pictures you posted and you have two beautiful bundles.  I have three Kiddos Jadon 34 weeker who is not 12 and has ADHD and its always an adventure with him.  I also have a 25 weekers who watches us from above. And my sweet rainbow was born at 32 weeks and is now four.    Its amazing how these kiddos have a rouch start but can grow into these amazing little people who capture out hearts.  

    Many hugs to you and your family!