Eclampsia and HELLP

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My name is tori. I am a mom to 2 beautiful babies, both born premature to complications. My son is now 18 months and after a very traumatic birth at 36 weeks, our daughter (now 10 weeks, 4 weeks adjusted age)was a SHOCKING welcomed surprise. With my son I developed quick onset preeclampsia. My pressures were 220/150 and barely controlled with mag. My son was born with a hematoma from the not having time to get him out by section so the just took him out. his apgars were 1,1,1,4. Haft er only 8 days he was healthy and ready to go home!! I ended up not being able to control the Bp with meds and was readmitted to the hospital 2 weeks after delivery and bout back on magnesium. 

My daughter was born at 34.weeks due to HELLP syndrome. She was on cpap for 8 days then able to do it on her own. She has had many issues with apnea ans bradychardic episode while eating and spent a total of 54 days in NICU. She is now home on NG with severe dysphasia and GERD. 

Truly my little miracles!!

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  • Hi Tori. Welcome to Share!  Congratulations on your miracle babies!  They definitely sound like real fighters!  Thank you for sharing your story!


  • Welcome to Share.  I'm sorry you faced such complicated pregnancies and births- two miracles indeed!  I hope you will continue to share of their progress.


  • Welcome to Share Tori!  Congratulations on your two miracles!  I am so glad to hear that Addie is now home with the rest of the family.  Please continue to keep us posted on her progress.  I bet Colton is so happy to be a big brother and is just in awe of his sister sibling.  I am so glad that you came upon this site:)