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My first son was born in 2015. My pregnancy was so enjoyable and I couldn't wait to become a mom. Even labor was easy and he was such a well behaved baby and now toddler. Being a mom was a dream come true and we knew we wanted at least one more baby. Shortly after our first son turned a year old I found out that I was pregnant again. My husband was thrilled since he wanted them to be close in age but my second pregnancy was so different from the first one. I was emotional and early on i was considered high risk because I had a single vessel cord (single umbilical artery). I did the genetic testing to rule out Down's syndrome but as time went on I was ordered to have ultrasounds once a month and my baby's stomach kept measuring small. The last month of pregnancy I was so uncomfortable and ready to be done being pregnant. Due to his stomach size, the doctor increased my ultrasounds to twice a week and I had to have non stress tests every time that I went.

At 40 weeks and 1 day I was induced. My beautiful second son was born and he looked perfect. Upon examinating him, the doctors noticed that he didn't have a bum hole (imperferated anus) so he needed to be taken to the NICU. It was scary having my baby taken away and not knowing what was going on. The NICU doctor later came down to discuss what else they had found. Bryson's trachea was also not attached to his stomach and he would need surgery. It was so scary to think that my tiny baby would need surgery. He also  mentioned that these two symptoms are not uncommon but when found together an be associated with VACTERl/VATER Syndrome. Each letter stood for something and Bryson had the vATEr part. I had never heard of this but immediately starting researching. It'sscary to think that after all this is done, symptoms for the other parts of VATER/VACTERL can show up as he grows. The first day at the hospital was emotional and stressful. It's so hard to know that you can't help your baby and make them better. 24 hours after birth he was taken to have surgery to attached his trachea to his stomach. Everything went perfectly but the rest was a waiting game. A week later Bryson was extubated but after 6 hours had to be intubated again since his breathing was not cooperating. Two days later he was extubated again and within 2 hours he had to be intubated again. I could not deal with that again knowing that he was suffering. The next step was to do a dye test to check for leaks and then for the doctors to use a scope to see if they could find anything wrong. Luckily there were no leaks and nothing seemed to be wrong. This is where we've left off so far and we are hoping that this weeks extubation will be successful but if not, the doctors will be using a scope to see why Bryson cannot breath without the ventilator but doesn't use it to breath when it's in.

Bryson is such a blessing and at only 2 weeks old has taught me so much such as patience and to appreciate every moment. Every milestone is that much more precious to us ❤ I cannot wait to hold him again!

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  • Welcome to Share!  Congratulations on Bryson's arrival!  I hope you are able to get some answers about his breathing soon.  Please keep us posted when you can. I will be keeping you and Bryson in my thoughts.



  • Hello and Welcome to Share. I am so sorry your baby Bryson is dealing with all of this. Please know we are here for you.

    Love and Hugs


  • Welcome to SHARE and Congrats on Bryson's arrival.  I really hope you will update us when you are able to get some answers about his breathing.  

    Many Many hugs to you!